Next Issue

Well, it’s been a strange issue. At least for me it has. Started not knowing whether I’d even finish this one, and ended with a CD compilation being sorted out. It also took a hell of a lot longer to complete than I intended it to. So, I guess that means that the zine is carrying on. Though it’s probably not going to be as regular as it has been - 9 issues in about 15 months. Though I’ve decided to keep it going, I left in the first page, written at the start of creating this issue. Much of it still applies, and there’s no point in hiding from the thoughts that went on. It’s the truth. Yeah, going from that to the CD may be a bit extreme. But maybe that’s just how my moods can fluctuate. It may be the start of something different. It may be the begining of the end. Who knows.

Anyway, this CD idea is taking shape. Here’s a list. Snub, BlowHoly, Earthtone9, Noisegate, Lysis, Milque, Sack Trick, Little 10, Gorilla, Monkey Boy, Shallow, Swampdiva, Third Stone Chasm and more. Some bands with albums out, some with demos. A mixture of styles. All British. The stuff Kerrang! and Metal Hammer should be giving you on their free CDs. (Ok, so Organ may have been doing this for a while, but I’m on my high horse at the moment and it’s going at quite a gallop!) There’ll be a reasonable amount on there. Obviously this is going to necessitate charging for the issue of the zine. If you’d be prepared to pay (a couple of quid), then please let me know. Also, let me know if you’d be interested / prepared to buy a batch from me, which you could then sell on to people yourself. If I’m going to do this, I need help in making sure it gets distributed. If it all comes off, the zine should have some pretty big name interviews if you’re worried about having stuff to read. And it’ll still be CHEAP. But I need your help for this. Quite a few people have said they like the zine, I kinda need you to back me on this (“ooh, nice cheap shot Dave”. Thankyou!). Kill II This agreed to be on it as well, but their label decided that as they’d had tracks on Kerrang! and Metal Hammer CDs, they’d best not go behind their back. Quite right too. Mustn’t upset the big K! and MH by trying to give a band some coverage now must we! But I “can have some pics” if I want them for the interview. Nah, it’s ok, I’ll get by without their labels help thanks all the same. Hey, I say it as I see it. You don’t like it, then fuck off.

Anyway, the System of a Down interview is done. The Sepultura interview is done. So are some other big name ones. Hopefully they’ll also be joined by Earthtone9, Kill II This (sans piccies) and a few more. Issue 10. It’s going to be big. And it’s gonna cost you!