One Minute Silence / Stimulator / Cyclefly

Wolves Varsity October 1 1998

I don't know that I should review this, as I feel very jaded about everything at the moment, which may lead to a mis-representative view of things. Could be time to bow out of society for a while again.

I thought I'd missed most of Cyclefly, but unfortunately I didn't. To be fair, some of the songs sound OK, in that there’s a familiarity about them now when I see them. But maybe it's my mood, maybe it's my mindset, but I just can't get past the surface on them. Cos I'm scared if I do I'll hit my head on the floor. Shallow see.

Stimulator are a band who I should've reviewed back in the first YAZ or something like that, as I had the single and a live tape. But I never did. Why? Maybe I was just lazy, but there was an element of "workmanlike but ...." about them. And this, surprisingly, is the first time I've had the chance to see them live, and the same impression is there. It's not bad, the opening track, whose name I've forgotten was good, as was the single, Strike No 1 and a few other tracks. The newer material, which I guess will be on the debut album released on Geffen next year, continues a punk theme with obligatory sampled techno-industrio-gonzoid noises. When it works well, it's great. Other times it's just a lumpy mess. They're not bad, but there was a noticeable dip in the appreciation as the set went on. That currently is no doubt due to unfamiliarity of the music. But there's a nagging thing with me that it just might be the material. Signed to Geffen, we'll have to see what happens.

One Minute Silence on the other hand, well, you already know the score with them, and tonight they showed that they are ready for headlining. So you don’t need a review, which is fine, cos I don’t feel a part of things at the moment. It's the support set, plus some extra album tracks, plus 2 new ones. The newest of which, 14 years, sounded especially impressive, and incited a fair amount of excitement in the crowd. Yap did his speech about "you paid, this is your stage, you do what you want with it" after highlighting the poster on the wall saying "Do not stagedive". Glen thanked the people downstairs who turned a blind eye to the under 16's and let them in. It was the usual mayhem. But I'm too jaded to say any more. I don't know how bands manage to keep so "up" seemingly all the time. Because I can't manage it. Oh you can fuck right off if you snigger at that. You know what I mean. And I'm not fucking joking on that one.