Rocket From The Crypt

Nottingham Rock City

October 7 1998

I was kind of worried for this gig. Well, I am a caring sharing kind of person. Had visions of it turning into a bit of a 'mare attendance wise. And for the first two bands, this was the case. I'm not really going to review them, because they were outside the scope of what I listen to, and so it would be unfair. The first wanted to be a sixties rock'n'roll band. The second, and 80s electronica pop band. Both fought loosing battles with a small and uninterested crowd. Kinda got summed up when a guitarist from the second band said something like "always good to see an Iron Monkey t-shirt in the crowd. Well, they're from here aren't they. Oh well, fair enough then" in response to the utter silence that greeted the comments. Not sure what they were doing on the tour. Wrong tour for both bands, and wrong supports really for RFTC. Business deals anyone?

But, by the time RFTC appeared, the crowd had swelled to a more than respectable size. I was in two minds. See RFTC or Ultraviolence around the corner. Not being a big fan of either I opted for the Rocket. And I got the showbiz deal from Speedo. Ladies and Gentlemen, you're not going to see anything better than Rocket From The Crypt from San Diego. That kind of spiel. Very professional. Or cheesy. You decide.

Me, well, I'm not a big fan. I had a copy of the Scream album, and that's it, so I only recognised some of the tracks from it, such as Young Livers, Born in '69, and of course, show closer, On A Rope. Others seemed to include Dog on a Dick, at least that sounded like the main refrain throughout the song, and Do The Jerk. It as kinda slick, but not as much as fun as the only other time I've seen them. And there were a number of times when I thought "It's On A Rope again". Same song, only the names have changed. And of course, we all know, that you can get away with that, only if you are currently deemed worthy by the media.