Shallow - Live at Heimi Hendersons

This is Shallows first official release, and the first release on the Undergroove label, which has appeared out of the shadow of the zine of the same name.

And what you get is 4 tracks of what I guess is tagged stoner rock. Good stoner rock at that, at least it sounds good to me. The trouble I sometimes have is that music of this type has a tendency to stray over to the self indulgent bollocks side. Fortunately, Shallow appear to know where to draw the line, and instead concentrate on retaining a song. And when that happens, then the music can be powerful. Which this is.

The first track Eight Minutes To The Sun has a nagging riff to it, which brings to mind Queens of the Stone Age, which might be a lazy comparison, but the point is Shallow hold their own in that comparison. You know, that old, “UK in just as good as American band” shocker. And this is maintained through the remaining tracks, Neon Tee Pee (I’ve no idea!), Something Unusual and Sugar Glider

An impressive start from yet another quality UK act. Put it like this, if most other “stoner rock” was this good, maybe I’d listen to more.

Available from Undergroove Recordings for £3.50 (cheques to Undergroove) Oh, and include say another £1.50 for a couple of copies of Undergroove zine. Well worth your time.

Undergroove, PO Box 172 Shrewsbury, Shropshire SY3 9WL.