Sepultura - Choke

Sometimes you have to wonder at the intelligence level of those in charge. This has nothing to do with Sepultura, but there's a noticeable trend at the moment, that thanks to the imbeciles that run the charts in this country and their ruling that you can't have any more than 3 tracks on a single, or more than 20 minutes, there's an influx of 3 track 8 minute singles. Which this is. And at what, 2 or more likely 4 pounds a shot, that's frankly bollocks in the VFM stakes.

And what we have here is exasperated by the knowledge that one track, Choke, is on the album, a second track Against, is the demo version (ah that old fill the single chestnut) and you're left with a single that has only 1 track left to appeal to the fan. It's not really good enough is it? No, it's not.

But still, the track here is Gene Machine / Don't Bother Me, a Bad Brains medley (oooh, medley, they're trying to get round that 3 track chart ruling). The Bad Brains are (were) a great band, who once more to my chagrin, I never saw live. I'm not sure that this works. Musically, well yeah it's competent, but Green can't recreate HR on vocals. And no, Max would've had even less chance in case you're wondering. And part of what made BB as great as they were, were the vocals. Nice idea, but on a hiding to nothing really with this one.

As for Choke and Against. Well, 2 good tracks off the album, memorable and a sensible choice for single. Against is Sepultura riding the Motorhead wave, and the demo version really isn't different enough to the album version to warrant inclusion.

Musically acceptable, commercially suspect.

Fear Factory - Resurrection

Couple of issues ago I was pretty indifferent towards the new Fear Factory album. To be honest I still am. It's good but I wanted more. But, the standout track on it was, still is, and probably always will be Resurrection, so if they're going to release a single, then at least in my opinion, they got it right. This is an absolute belter of a song. Fear Factory at possibly their most melodic. It gets heavy, but they manage to get a balance, so that when it hits the chorus, the keyboards hit in, and it just works. It feels right. It feels like it should be played on the radio and get into the charts just to show others how it should be done. And if it does, let's have none of this sell out crap eh! If only the rest of the album had been as good as this, and broke the Fear Factory mould the way this does, we'd be talking possible classic status.

Despite the fact that it's a cracking song, probably the reason to buy this single, as with any single, is for the extra tracks that it provides. As long as they aren't remixes.

Firstly is O-O (Where Evil Dwells), which according to the blurb that came with this is a Jim Thirwell composition given the FF treatment. Hmmm, maybe, it sounds like a FF tune ("long live the new flesh") and at times it sounds like them doing a remix of their own stuff. Bizarre? Yeah. And there's one point where the singing occurs and it just conjures up an image in my mind of Bell puffing out his chest, stand oh so pompously and sincere and singing. Totally taking the piss. Well, you need to be inside my imagination to really see what I'm getting at there.

And the final track is Soulwound which apparently is an old, old FF track. Though it doesn't sound it. Problem is it doesn't sound anything. Y'know, it exists. It could've been on any of the albums and not felt out of place. Which means if you're a FF aficionado then you'll probably lap it up. Which unfortunately is probably all that will buy this single. Which is a shame because Resurrection itself deserves to be heard by a wider audience than the FF core.