Zine Reviews

P101 Zine Issue 4 - Last issue I reviewed issue 3 of this zine. It’s ok, but I felt that it was trying to be bigger than it’s capable of, what with a 6000 distro. This time, well, the same really. This one comes with a free CD, and for that it certainly has to be applauded, given the number of demo, unreleased, and relatively unknown tracks on it. Certain major publications could, and should take note that it can be done. You don’t have to stick with the tried and trusted bands. I’ll actually put a review of that somewhere else in here probably. But still I have a problem with the actual zine. This issue feels better, but there’s still something missing. Like I said, I applaud what it’s aiming for, but feel that it’s missing something in what I feel is essential ingredient. The interviews are good and long, but it feels like there could be more in there for the rest of it. Like many zines, album reviews tend to be about 4 or 5 lines. Good or bad. I know I do that, but part of my problem with my zine at the moment, is that I feel it should be more than that. Do people really take any notice? I don’t know. I feel a zine should be because of the subject matter first and foremost. As should major magazines, and the people who work in the industry. Something this big in distro needs income and revenue, but when there’s only 20 pages of content from the 44 total as the rest are ads! Well. Reduce the aim, increase the content cos there is something worthwhile here...

This feels like it’s trying to prove itself, so that it is a stepping stone to the future. Maybe that’s right. I don’t know. But still, I have to recommend this, especially for the CD. The idea of putting 3 CD’s or a Video and CD on the next issue though, is too much. People I don’t think will pay the asking price for that.

Still, interviews this time round are with Snuff, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, AFI and Catch22

£3. Contact: P101 PO Box 1152, Winterbourne, Bristol, BS36 2YD.

The Underground - this seems to be a free monthly “newsletter” sort of thing. It’s basically reviews, and a few interviews of albums, predominantly from the heavier end of the musical spectrum.Broad sheet paper size I can’t really figure out what it is. Ok if you want to read someone’s opinions on albums, but not a lot else. Pretty much like this thing really then.

Fracture No4 zine. Fourth issue of what is fast becoming the essential zine for punk and hardcore. Distro has moved away from shops, and donations of 20p are “accepted”. Which is nothing for a publication of this size and stature. Once more it puts me to shame, even if at times it just amplifies the alienation I feel from the scene. It’s a great read, but at times seems to concentrate so much on underground and punk that anything else is not worthy. There are plenty of bits with which I disagree, and for some reason this issue I got a sense even more of “if it’s not DIY it’s nothing.” The, “you can’t make money from music”, avoid major labels etc. Which is crap really. Maybe I’ll explain why next issue.

This issue contains a major major interview with the people at Maximum Rock’n’Roll which makes me feel somewhat justified in the length of some of my interviews, Cress and Area Effect.

Free, but 20p donations are welcomed.

Fracture. PO Boc 623, Cardiff, CF3 9ZA.