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What is it? It's a zine. It goes out on the web, and I also print it here in the UK. It comes out, oooh, whenever I have enough for an issue really. Usually about every 6 weeks or so. Though tour dates are updated more often.

YAZ stands for Yet Another Zine. I had to come up with a name quickly and failed. And at the end of the day, this is all it is. It's nothing special.

Ok, just to massage my ego, here's that Metal Hammer Fanzine of the Month review of it again.

OK, so this is a) a few months old and b) quite possibly the second time we've reviewed this issue (honestly, all manner of crazy shit happens round here; it's hard to keep up sometimes), but I couldn't give a toss as Yaz is essentially a very good 'zine and they practically give it away, Containing all manner of reviews, interviews and admirably opinionated pieces, mainman Dave has an assured style that should see him go places someday (once a measure of quality control comes into the equation). Get off your arse and order a copy now.

So, if some of the bits don't fit on your screen, well it's probably just my ego obscuring it while I feel a smug git.

Some of the interviews are long. Bloody long. No apologies for that. I try, though don't always succeed, to ask something maybe a little different to the normal interviews. And I try to give bands as much space as they need. Just because one may be unsigned, doesn't mean they deserve less space than someone with a few albums under their belt. Especially if they have something to say. If they give two word answers, that's the space they get. If they talk for 45 minutes, that's the space they get.

And it's not crammed full of images. I hate cameras. No, REALLY HATE them. This zine is about giving you something to READ. Hopefully steering you in the direction of some new band. And maybe that is actually better without too many images, before we start clouding our minds and judging something without listening.

As to what it covers. Anything that I like is basically it. I say


And that's a mouthful.

But it doesn't matter. Ultimately, if I could get an interview with Portishead, I'd include that as well. Open your minds, and ....

enter the world of YAZ.

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