Buy the YAZ CD


Yep, there's a few left of the YAZCORE 1 CD, that comes with issue 10 of the zine. What's it got? Well, 17 tracks and 74 minutes of music by a fine selection of upcoming UK bands. A little bit of something for everyone. You've got yer Earthtone9, Sack Trick, Gorilla, Monkey Boys, yer Dai Lo, 3rd Stone and Snubs, a hint of Milque, Noisegate, Lysis and Breakneck, feast on some Shallow, Dog Toffee and stare wide eyed at the likes of BlowHoly, Chasm and Little10. And you can do that all for the princely sum of 3 quid. 3 QUID. Absolute bargain. Plus you get to read ish 10 featuring interviews with System of a Down, Sepultura, Fear Factory and Spineshank, and whatever else I was ranting about back then.

So, if you want a copy, then send 3 quid plus an A5 SAE to me at the following address, and you'll get a sparkling copy in return. Yes, it comes with an insert and a full jewel case. No ripping off going on here.

The address to send your money to is: