3D House of Beef with Scarabeus

Nottingham - The Old Angel

Nov 25

Well, it doesn't really matter what I say does it, cos no-one in all honesty is going to be able to contradict me, they wouldn't know. What it must be to be in an unknown band. Especially playing in a room which has no heating and no lights to help anyone, and to no people. But hey, that's the thing ain't it. It's not popular. Can't risk anything, go and see something new and different. Christ no, you may become an individual if you did anything like that, and we wouldn't want that know would we.

So Scarabeus did the deed and played their stuff. Now both of the bands I'd not heard before, I'd heard of them thanks to the efforts of some people, but that was it. So what are Scarabeus. Well, basically, a young, bastards, 4 piece from Reading who deal in Sepultura style metal. Death metal as well. Maybe, not really an expert to pass comment. But although there were mistakes, they were tight given that they couldn't probably even feel their fingers up there. I wasn't bored either during their set, which for me, with this style of music is always a plus. I don't really know the song titles to give you, like you'll care anyway, but I will find the address where you can get hold of them for a 3 track demo called Mortification. And listening to that, I'm pretty sure they were 3 of the songs they played. It is worth listening to if that's your style of music. And a storming Seps cover, Slave New World, with Phil, drummer of 3D House, doing vocals. Certainly worthwhile.

3D House of Beef. What must it be like to travel 4000 miles to play to the support band, 2 others and the barman. Pretty shitty right. Especially given that there were people saying they'd turn up. Even people like the promoters. Ah well, it's says something about the integrity of the band that they even bother to do something and not just fuck off. So they do a shortish set, fighting against the conditions, it's getting even colder in here. Again, don't know the songs, but I do have the latest CD now, and recognise that they played a few of off there, and a weird one, from their other band where Nial and Phil are well focussed on each other, a gentle kind of tinkering, before erupting into stuff that early Napalm Death would have been proud of. I may be off the mark there, but that's how it struck me. But still, even though I'd not heard any of their stuff, I enjoyed the set. It's not easy listening, so if you want you're ears to have a holiday whilst listening to music, this probably ain't the stuff. But if you're prepared to listen and appreciate, then it's certainly worthwhile. At least they're not another Oasis. Oh, and as they are from Seattle, I resisted the urge to request Teen Spirit when they asked for requests. Good of me huh.

I dunno what else you can say really. They deserved more than that, and are a fine bunch of people, both bands. Dunno if they actually got to beat up the promoters at Rock City who fucked them over, or the people at Earache, but I hope so. Strange how the next night, Rock City will be sold out for the current trends and incisive cutting edge music. Played with feeling. Yeah right, sorry people, but you were there a day late. But hell, they got 4/5 from Kerrang! for the current CD. Maybe one day they'll come back to the UK. Would they return to Nottingham. Don't know. They shouldn't given the respect they weren't shown. But it would be fun to see them, and for those that were there, it's safe to say they'd be welcome back here. And it would be fun to see the people who then claim to have seen them that first time. Honesty and integrity. Now there's some concepts people could do with learning.

To find out what I've ranted about, you could pay them a visit at their site.