Best of '99

Well, time for the ever loathsome but always intriguing "best of" chart. So here, at least at the time of typing, is my top 10 releases of '99. Unless I prove that I can't count!

In no particular order:

  • Anathema - Judgement
  • earthtone9 - off kilter enhancement
  • Hero - demo
  • Dai Lo - demos
  • Mr Bungle - California
  • BlowHoly - Church Bizarre
  • Billy Mahonie - The Big Dig
  • Tence - Smiling On The Outside (98, but only heard it in 99)
  • Godspeed You Black Emperor - Slow Riot For New Zero Kanada E.P.
  • BlackRock - demo

    But there was so much more. Like that Medulla / Freebase split EP, the Milque EP, Meathook Seed, Consumed, the Faith No More compilation, the Portishead live album,the Little 10 EP, Monkey Boy, Sick of it All, Neurosis, Therapy? It just goes on. Oh, and add on a late entry as of last week, Camp Blackfoot. Bit of a cracker that one.

    Actually the Meathook Seed is making a very strong late run for the charts. Bit of a belter, especially Elemental. One of the most melodic catchy songs of the last year.