Voice of Apathy

August 27th 2005

Don't write here much anymore, but somethings need to be said.

R.I.P. Denis D'Amour (Piggy), legendary Voivod guitarist who passed away yesterday.

March 2003

Lamb Quartet - cockfight. mmmmm, tasty in that completely all over the shop throw the kitchen sink in (hell, throw someone elses kitchen sink in for good measure, you never know what little nasties they may have that you don't that could add to the mess) style chaos. Yeah, nice, mmmm.

I'm trying, I really am trying to muster up the conviction and fire in the belly to do some stuff here. Yet maybe its a sad indictment on todays music, that I have returned once more in full force, to that debut The Beyond album and the Gorilla Extended Play CD (Eve of My Release and Acid Test from those CDs are 2 of the greatest songs ever written - end of argument). Both absolutely bonafida classics that were basically ignored by all and sundry. But they still hit the spot. The Beyond and Gorilla - RIP. Let's hope that Neil Cooper, the drummer for those bands gives Therapy? a shot where it's needed now that he's drumming for the.

Cor blimey guv is that a review? Well, not really, but there's opinions / waffle on a few gigs I've been to lately, Isis, Anthrax and Opeth . There's one on the slightly disappointing Pitchshifter final Nottingham gig coming soon, oh and the bits below, the Gathering CD - takes a while to get into, but it's gorgeous. Love it love it love it. Really waffly review like days of yore for that one soon me thinks.

Woooooooohoooooooooooooooooooooo, the new Voivod CD is doing it's spinny spin spin thing in the player. Run run run, buy it, come on, you know you want it. Forget Newsted joining them, Snake is back, sounding like only Snake does. Essential, essential stuff. Nu-metal. This is way more relevent than nu-metal has ever managed and will ever achieve.

And, and, the new Gathering CD is on order, should be with me tomorrow. Go and buy it if you can find it. I ain't heard it yet, and I may be biased, but this is going to be one of the most essential purchases of the year. In fact, it's a week with 2 of the most essential releases of the year. Often life can suck. There are times when life is good. This is one of them. And get your tickets and see them on their UK tour. That's an order. Go to it then, go on...

Oh, and while I'm at it, and sticking with the old tried and trusted bands (I know, not underground enough, I think I've left the underground though now), but the new Anthrax album is going woooaaahhhhhhh as well. Horns up indeed.

This is not a zine. It's a place for me to state my opinions. There is a difference. I'm not actively looking for the new band that play a unique brand of everything else honest 'guv. This is where I talk about what I want, not what others want me to talk about.

So, here's some opinions on some gigs I've seen recently. They are opinions. Opinions and thoughts. Not really reviews.

Ever wondered why this is called Voice of Apathy? Oh well, if you can't be arsed then fine. For those who can I'll give you an insight. It's cos I've still got reviews to write of Devin Townsend (coooool), Therapy? (wonderfully shambolic), New End Original and Blackrock (utterly devestatingly awesome) gigs from late last year. I've given up on the earthtone9 Bradford and Scunthorpe gigs - others elsewhere to whom it meant more than me have written better reviews than I can. So I'll leave you to find them.

So yeah, 2002 eh. Another year another waste of time. Here we go then.

  • Cave-In @ Derby Vic Jauary 16.
  • Rollins Band @ Rock City, January 20.
  • Some others I've forgotten now, Grade were in there and rather fine.
  • Godspeed You Black Emperor @ Hackney Ocean, March 18 2002
  • Iron Maiden @ Brixton Academy, March 20 & 21 2002
  • System of a Down / Dillenger Escape Plan, Nottingham Ice Rink, April 1 2002
  • earthtone9 - the final gig, Waterdown, Fony, Forever Until October, London Garage, April 13 2002.
  • Dead Inside / Blueprint / Beecher Derby Vic Inn, June 4 2002
  • Murder One / Beecher / Phantom Limb Management / S.M.I.L.E, Nottingham Old Angel, June 15 2002 - at a more appropriate time. Johnny Morrow R.I.P

    Long time no write. Try and change that a little bit more in the near future. Why no recent changes or reviews? Well, thing is, I'm really not getting off on any new music at the moment. I also know what a c!*t and hypocrite I can be, and so I'm trying to bite my tongue. Certain things get to me and I want to lash out if you will, but as I can no longer really put my money where my mouth is, due to not doing a zine any more, it's better to shut up. But oh god that's killing me at times.

  • VOD / Dai Lo Nottingham Rock City, September 17 2001
  • earthtone9 / Forever Until October Lincoln Falcon, September 22 2001
  • earthtone9 / Cowpuncher / 3 Stages of Pain / Touch Sheffield Barfly, September 23 2001
  • Entombed / Cathedral Derby Vic, October 2 2001
  • earthtone9@Bradford, Scunthorpe, Cleethorpes and Birmingham.
  • Own Worst Enemy and Rabies Caste@Nottingham Old Angel
  • Placebo, My Vitriol and Seafood @ Brixton Academy
  • Trans Am and The Fucking Champs @ Nottingham Boat Club.
  • Fear Factory@ Rock City.
  • Silver Ginger 5 @ Rock City. Ah, something to put a smile on the face at the end of a very trying week.
  • Garbage in fine form @ The Astoria
  • Therapy? @ Rock City - shambolically great again. Coming soon to a screen near you. Or when I've written it.
  • Karma To Burn @ The Old Angel.
  • Devin Townsend @ The Leadmill Sheffield - meeeeeeetaaaaaaaaaallllllllll.
  • The RockSound Christmas Party featuring earththone9, Liberty 37, Sikth and Foreve Until October @ Sheffield Corporation December 8 2001
  • Kerrang K-Fest featuring earthtone9 / Cortizone / Number One Son / A band that may or may not feature the word Monkey in their name / God Forbid who I didn't see @ London Mean Fiddler, December 11 2001
  • Machine Head / Ill Nino @ Rock City.
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