Nottingham - The Rig

October 20

Support band were called Jocasta. Not really sure about them, I guess they sounded ok, I kept thinking 'Honeycrack Jr', and that sort of sound. Got a good enough reception, so maybe that backs up that feeling more, but I found myself loosing interest, and thinking that the most interesting thing was seeing the 5 goals that Newcastle put past Man Utd earlier in the day. Not really fair of me to make to much of a judgement on them then.

Honeycrack. I dunno, this is a tricky one. I saw them for the first time in Leeds, when it was their first ever headline gig, and being a Wildhearts fan, it was the reason I went. But I remember thinking they were very good, although I didn't know the songs, they stuck a bit in my mind, so much so that the next time I saw them, I remembered the songs, even though I'd heard them only the once. Well, I got the 5 Minutes/King Of Misery cd that night, and played it and thought, this is good, but not as good as they were live, and I think that feeling has stayed with me since.

The thing is, seeing them this time round, I felt like the live show was missing something. I don't know what it is, the songs were played, all the favourites from Prozaic, the new single Anyway, and a few new others, and they all sounded great, but there was something missing. The words that struck me were, predictable, and that it was just the same as seeing them that first time. It was like they hadn't moved on, there were no surprises or real edge to the set. Willie is still a frontman who makes the effort to communicate with the crowd, and as always, gains respect and points for that, and you can't blame him making the blatant plugs (as he put it), for the new single and the new mailing list, but sometimes he was too nice, you know.

They're always a good band to see, but maybe they've been seen to often recently. I kepy thinking that they need to get some new, different material to play. So it would be good if they disappeared for 6 months, came back with the new album and then toured, and were able to mix the set up more. This I don't think is their fault entirely, the first time I saw them, I believe they almost had the album in the bag, but it was still a year or more before the thing was released, so then, post release they had to tour, and it just got that you heard the same set too often.

So anyway, tonight we get 5 minutes, King of misery, go away, animals, good good feeling, all the stuff, plus new single Anyway, and another new one whose name I've forgotten, something like never give up. So it was good stuff, but ultimately not satisfying. I hope they can get away, do the new album and then come back. At the moment I'm begining to worry for them.