Deftones / Far

Nottingham Rock City

October 10 1997

Have to say, this was an excellent excellent gig. Despite arriving early enough to catch Far, they decide to delay opening the doors by another half an hour. Ah well.

Should've known it was going to be a good night from the moment that the Bad Brains Quickness was played. You don't hear it often, something special. And then came Far. Now I like this band. They're powerful and emotional, yet have a few more musical bases than some of the current bands. But, they're unknown in the UK, what with Tins Cans having not yet been released. That combined with having more musical bases meant that I was a bit worried for the band. But in the end, it was a magical sight to see them win people over. Opening with Punchdrunk was a winner. For me at least, as it is one of my favourite Far songs. Then, second song in, Love American Style, Jonah spots someone singing the words in the chorus, so for the chorus the second time, he comes down and sings it with the guy. About 2 foot from my face. And the pleasure that seemed to be on Jonah's face at this. You can't explain. Man Overboard is requested, followed by Jonah saying that he had absolutely no idea what had been said. So they promptly play it. Others are Joining the Circus, Mother Mary (I think) from the forthcoming album, What I Wanted to Say and Seasick, featuring a guest spot from Chino. Which was a nice touch, spoilt by the fact that the crowd spot him and chant Chino Chino Still, Jonah didn't seem to mind, and it gave him the chance to introduce himself. I'm sure they played some more, I just can't think at the moment. Jonah was at pains to point out that they are from Sacramento and not Los Angeles. He also taunted a little in asking how many people had heard the new Deftones album, and that he had. Then a little controversy, by saying how it was going to blow away copycat bands like Coal Chamber. Ooooh. Still, I don't know the story behind that, so it's not for me to judge. At one point Jonah mentioned that it was the last of 5 nights in the UK and that he didn't want to go back to the States. He wanted to stay. Well, it would've been nice for them to do so. Hope they genunely enjoyed the trip. They certainly worked a decent reaction out of the crowd. So much so that they sold out of T-shirts at the end, ran out of stickers, almost out of the albym CD, and, this is the bitch bit, they'd run out of the Soon EP in Manchester. Bollocks. Still, it's good for the band. I don't know how the band felt about the gig, whether it was good or not. I can only judge on what it was like for a band at that venue. And it was good. May they soon return. And next time they can make things complete by playing Girl. Catch them soon. A great band.

Ok, so i'll stop going on about Far. Now the Deftones. Who were Awesome. First things first. I have to say, they blew Korn away for the last few times I have seen Korn. Chino is a star. So much energy and charisma. The guy was in total control. Hell, how many people can go crowd surfing, return, have had their show nicked, ask for it back. And GET IT. Or how many people can be crowd surfed all the way to the bar for a vodka and orange. Ok, so he asked for a vodka and cranberry juice. But hey. It's the principle. And reminding someone to pick up the bill. Where Korn are becoming let down, is in their failure to communicate with the audience in a live situation. As Chino said, music is about FUN. In this respect, the Deftones have no problems. The snippet of Slayer's South of Heaven was awesome. Admitting that the Crow II sucked, but still playing their contribution. The gig was a blast from start to finish. Trying to remember what they played, hmm, there was Root, Fireal, Birthmark, Bored, 7 Words (the Deftones one song syndrome), Bored and Teething. New stuff, which sounded good, but as it's the first time I've heard it, I can say no more. Jonah returned the favour by coming out to do background vocals on on e the new tracks. The band seemed to enjoy it, I don't know if Chino heads towards the bar at every gig, but the rest of the guys seemed to enjoy watching anyway. Overall, one of the best gigs this year. And I do mean that. Hope both bands come back soon. They proved that music can be heaavy, angry, emotional and still fun. That people can communicate with the crowd, without falling into Rock Star Ego status, and basically leave you with a shit eating grin. Awesome.