Wolverhampton Wulfrun

Saturday September 2?th

Consume, Irish, and young, and sounding to these lugsters like Rage Against the Machine, too much so at times, not being a big Rage fan meself. Plenty of passion as witnessed by singer blokeies speech about how being Irish he was expected to hate the English and vice versa but he didn't ate anyone. Well impassioned and fair enough. Music then ok, but maybe a bit more originality needed for these ears. Oh yeah, and a well high percentage of fucks.

Downset. Well, things didn't look to good, it's not a great turnout by any means, and given that the first couple of notes from the guitar just, well, don't happen, it looks like things could be bad. But they eventually get started with Empower and things start to look up a bit, although Rey looks a bit bemused by some of the You Fat Bastard chants, and not overly impressed.

But as things move on, and the crowd gets increasingly into it, things warm up. The rest of the band look as if they're happy enough, with the bass blokey hold regular conversations with various members of the crowd. Ritual, Downset, and loads others I can't remember get played, and Rey starts to look happy. Couple of impassioned speeches as you'd expect, but the highlight for me was Touch, dedicated to Bob Marley, but a great song. All in all, it worked out well, and the end of the set came with real fun. Some old hardcore covers, I think, the singer of Consume taking vocals for one song, and completes a couple of decent stage dives, despite the Wulfruns signs not to, and it was a pretty good gig. Surprising that with Rage being so popular, more people weren't there to check things out, shame as well, music can't survive on the latest trends alone, it needs support for all the other bands out there.

Sad note of the night, was the passing into a coma of me poor and beloved car, which sadly overheated due to a hole in the something or other, and was dragged, kicking and screaming at a murderous speed up the motorways to Nottingham by that very nice man from the AA. Pity they lost me number plate for the car as well :( Anyway, after some work from mechanically minded people yesterday, the car is now out of it's coma and hopefully on the way to a full recovery. Just thought I'd let you know as I'm sure you all care so much.