Entombed / Neurosis

Bradford Rio's

October 2

First of 2 nights seeing this, as I've wanted to see Neurosis for a while now. But I missed the first band, Breach. Maybe tonight I'll get there in time.

And so Neurosis. Not an easy act at the best of times, but, despite what they may be saying in the press, I'm not sure this is the right sort of tour for them. They challenge you in the music and the presentation. Long, drawn out pieces. Slow, heavy. Not really what people there to see the more too the point style of Entombed are into. Or so I thought. And so it seemed to turn out. There were a few cries of 'you're shite, fuck off'. But I expected that. It's just that for the band to come over and do support for about 40 mins, well, I would've preferred longer. Still, it was good. Damn good. Although you could see people having a point of laughter at some of the seemingly 'synchronised' movement. Though you probably wouldn't laugh to their face. But Through Silver in Blood, the song, is an awesome piece and it's performance was superb. Intense, disturbing. Couldn't really ask for more.

And so Entombed. A completely different kettle of rotting corpses. Or something like that. First time I saw them earlier this year, it was superb. This time didn't quite reach those hights. In fact, it fell a fair way short. May have something to do with me feeling lousy, or maybe the length of time they've been touring now. But there didn't seem to be quite as much energy and enthusiasm. I maybe wrong, but, well, that's what I thought.

Still haven't got anything other than the current album, so still can't give you any other titles with conviction, although, Left Hand PAth, Hollowman, Serpent something were there. Still, everything they played off TRSSASTT was good. Lights Out is still a highlight. The combination of the title track followed by Like this with the Devil will take some beating. Damn deal done, parasite, all great songs. Still, there was that something missing. But at least the place wasn't as hot as Nottingham was a few months ago, and is likely to be tonight.