Entombed / Neurosis

Nottingham Rock City

October 3

Well, I got to see Breach this time round, unlike last night. So, was it worth it. I dunno, on first listen, they didn't really do anything for me, and I was kinda glad when their time was up. But it's unfair to judge this sort of music on first listen. It sounded fairly standard hardcore, not the Neurosis, Hellacopters hybrid some have said. Probably would need to give it a few more listens before I made a firm judgement. There again, it doesn't help watching in a venue hotter than hell to borrow a cliche, when you've got a really shitty cold coming on. C'est la vie.

Neurosis. Well, first thing to be said is that it was better than last night, primarily I think cos they seemed to be more upbeat, and more importantly, the crowd was up for it. Looked like it could get violent at times, but things seemed ok. No Through Silver in Blood tonight, unless my ears deceived me, and no room for projections, so it just relied on band, music, and crowd. And it won through. Here's to a headlining return.

And finally Entombed. Pretty much the exact same set as Bradford from what I could tell, but seemingly that little bit of magic that I thougt was missing in Bradford, seemed to be back in places. Not the best I've seen them, but better, although things seemed to drag a little towards the end, though that could be partly due to the heat, and partly me feeling like I wanted to die. And apparently they will be supporting Machine Head in the UK in December.