Fear Factory

Rock City - July 9th

Well, Manhole were the first band on the bill, or at least should've been until they managed to beat up various members of security around the country and get themselves ejected from the tour. So basically, they weren't there. In their place was a band whose name I've temporarily forgotten. But they were British hardcore and sounded pretty good. May be worth checking if I can remember the name.

Drain were next and they were definitely there. You could tell by the way that the bar area sort of cleared out as everyone went to take a gander. And then the girlfriends start drifting back towards the bar after a few mins, while the guys stay and drool under the pretence of liking the music. Oh yeah, it's about music, isn't it. So what was it like. Well I'm not a big Alice in Chains fan, but everyone says they sound like a female version. And it does sound like it, even to these ears which don't really know much AIC. Ok I guess if you like that, but it wore on after a while. Maybe they're not flaunting the fact that they're an all female band, but all the same, would they be getting this much attention otherwise.

No worries about Fear Factory and undeserved attention. Given that Demanufacture was one of the best albums of last year, they deserve all the attention they're getting, well with the exception of Dino's beer belly, which is getting too much exposure in the press, and was given a bit too much tonight. But the music. U=Oh yeah, first, they were introduced on stage by Blaze from Maiden as one of the best new bands around. Given that they opened for them in the states, will we hear some FF influence on the next Maiden album. Unlikely, but it would be good.

And now to the music. Intense, tight, so far on the mark it's unreal. I still maintain the mr drummer man is in fact from the planet unrealdrummer. It's surely not possible, for the people who claim Mr Ulrich is still good given his performance on Load, uh, take a listen to this guy, then tell me that the drum parts in Dyers Eve are unplayable live. Anyway, Replica, New Breed, Dog Day ..., Martyr, and more. They're all there. They all destroy, and it just needs to be experienced by your good selves to fully understand. Of course, for me the highlight is still Self Bias Resistor. What a classic song that is. PissChrist kills, even though the intro to it from Bell is a little bit crappy. Dodgy barnet on mr bass man as well know. Another joins the credible haircut syndrome list.

Downer of the night. MTV were videoing it. That's good for FF, but it's a shame everyone turns round and smiles sweetly for the cameras so they can see their mug on TV. And not tell MTV to 'get off the air' for those in the know.

So all in all, a bit of a cracker Brian. And onwards now to the destruction of Donington. Or something like that. I'm sure the real writers, ie journalists, will be able to come up with a much better cliche than me. Over and out boss.