Faith No More

Nottingham Rock City

December 4 1997

Radish, well, basically see my comments from the FNM gig at Wolves.

Faith No More. I revise my opinion. Wolves was good, this was great! opening up with Midnight Cowboy as before, the band then throw most people, myself included, by playing the new joint single with Sparks, This Town Ain't Big Enough For The Two Of Us. Never heard it before, but the FNM version sounded great, Patton's vocals in particular being a highlight. Now there's a surprise.

After that, well, they revised the setlist from the Wolves gig quite substantially. Ashes To Ashes and Midlife Crisis get their early airing as normal, before the band then rip into Get Out. Which throws a few people around me. Obviously not fans of the KFADFFAL album, or at least the short punkier FNM songs. Stripsearch also makes an earlier appearance than before, then there's the crowd pleaser of Easy, tonight not precluded by Evidence, which is a shame, due to Evidence itself being an out and out classic. Still, you can't expect the PERFECT setlist from a band with 6 classic studio albums.

Introduce Yourself also makes a return tonight, and then the band launch into Gentle Art of Making Enemies. Who loves ya Nottingham, We love ya, Faith No More loves ya Nottingham. It's time for Roddy to start up a little debate. Well we've played here 8 times before, or is it 9 so we must do. We're like the house band here. adds Patton. Who's seen us 8 times here?A few cheers. Who's seen us 9 times here?. Prove it, show me your money baby taunts Patton.

This is an old one, and it starts like this ... taunts Roddy before As The Worm Turns rears it's head. Yes, yes, yes, yes, and er, yes!!! The Last Cup of Sorrow sounds as awesome as ever before King For A Day simply destroys. Then it's Epic. And the one bastard next to me FINALLY applauds. That one song. Sheesh. The crowd in general was much better than Wolves. Unfortunately I seemed to draw the short straw where I was, the one song syndrome person, and the fucking irritating prat next to me. Talk to the girl for almost the entire gig. Man, I DON'T want to know who you fancied, when you asked her out, about Michael Hutchence or how the girl should wear her hair. For fucks sake, SHUT THE FUCK UP. Talk to her before, or after the gig, not during the bloody thing. Jeez, some people. I'm really trying hard recently to be more tolerant of people, but some just really try my patience. Sorry, end of rant, but these people should be killed, or at the very least, stopped from going to gigs. End of rant now, honest.

Naked in Front of this Computer follows Epic, before Just a Man as ever closes things, with Patton hamming it up again. It's amazing when you think the transformation that guy has gone through in his stage presence from those early Real Thing gigs to today. Real smooth operator now, although a part still yearns for those fresh faced days of the band. Maybe cos I was young then and feel old now.

The encore starts with a song I don't know. Sounds like an easy listening style cover. No idea, sorry. We Care A Lot though is brought out next before Pristina ends things, much to most peoples disappointment. We'll see you next month were Pattons final words I'm sure, a reference to the earlier house band comment. And that was it. Awesome

As ever, you can pick holes. I agree with bands not dragging a set list out, but still think they could do 90 mins, and like I said, you could never pick the perfect setlist. It was nice to hear a few oldies, though I'd still like Chinese Arithmetic, Arabian Disco etc. Like I said, it's impossible. Tonight there was no Collision, Be Aggressive, Ugly in the Morning or Evidence. But it makes for it being exciting and unpredictable, which is what the best music should be. Let's just kill the asshole people in the crowd and I'll be happy :)