Probably get in trouble, but anyway, here goes. I've borrowed these from Jerry's site in the States, hope he doesn't mind. I'll try and get some others on here soon.

Gorilla - Jaws approx 700K .wav file

Ok, here's some that I've done. New as of October 1 1997. The files are big. As a result, I'm putting gzipped versions as well. They are .wav files. They worked for me, but I'm not sure they will for you. Whatever.

Acid Test . Track from the Extended Play EP. A classic. Don't know if you can get the EP anymore. 1.9M

Gzipped Version

Who Wants to Save The World Anyway? The new single. Due for release on October 6. Andy was kind enough to supply the CD, so hope he doesn't mind the sample. 50 second sample.2.2M

Gzipped version

Beyond Sample

Just the one, but this is Eve Of My Release, from the Crawl album, and one of my favourite songs ever.

Eve of my Release2.4M

Gzipped version

That's it at the moment. Sorry, this will grow in time.