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Gorilla will be supporting Skin on their farewell tour dates. The new single, Outside, will now be released on April 13, not the 6th, and the Band will be playing another hometown gig at the Vic in Derby on April 14th

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Outside will be released as a new single on April 6. The band will be touring around that time. I'll put the dates up soon.

There is now an OFFICIAL site located here. And pretty damn good it is too. Go and have a look.

Gorilla will be supporting The Beekeepers at Nottingham Rock City on 6/11/97.

Thanks to Joanne for the information. She has been a valuable source, getting information straight from the band it seems, so if you want more on the band, either mail me and I'll try and help you out, or mail Joanne.

The single Who wants to rule the world anyway? is OUT NOW

Spoke to Andy last night (6/11/97) after their excellent gig at Rock City. He says that they plan to record the next single in December, along with some other tracks to go with it. This will then be released early next year. They also plan to record the album early next year. He says they're also playing with Skin in London soon, sorry, I don't know the date. Apparently interest is picking up, there may well be a feature in Kerrang! next week, or shortly after, and Gary Crowley at XFM has shown interest and is playing the single.

Welcome. This page is well in it's infancy at the moment, but it's aim is to bring you information on one of Britain's best Bands - Gorilla.

NEW NEW NEW. An images page of Gorilla images and old Beyond images. Ok, album and singles covers that is.

Info. How what, where and why.

Samples. Speaks for itself. New ones added October 1 1997

Interview with band done after the gig at Derby on September 19 1997

Reviews. Kerrang gig review 13/11/1997. Xmas gig review.


Tour Dates can be found in here.

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