Girls Against Boys

Nottingham - Top of O'Reilleys

Dec 2

Not sure who the first band was, now there's a statement that sounds familiar for me, but they seemed to me at any rate to fit nicely in a Girls Against Boys bill. Not my normal sort of stuff maybe, but pleasant enough.

The second band on were called Sloy, and they're from France. Err, France can be unpredictable really when it comes to music, and this lot are no exception. The sound that the trio makes, shouldn't really work. It's chaotic and in some respects, a shambles. But it does. I don't know how it would be described, apart from maybe that there is some barking mad bloke doing guitars and vocals, and a female on the bass. Oh, and they spoilt the end, which consisted of someone taking some piccies, so the singer moving the mike stand, mike and himself into the crowd to finish things off, but they spoilt that by doing an encore. Still, different to what I normally listen to, but kind of good.

Girls Against Boys. Third time I've seen this lot now, although I guess you could say that the last time I saw them in Nottingham didn't count in terms of seeing them, as they played the entire set in the dark. But anyway, third time, and maybe the best so far. Strange though that this band is reportedly switching to Geffen for a *lot* of money, are roundly praised by critics, yet still the place is only really half full.

Starting off with Go Be Delighted the hour long set was dominated by material from this years House of GVSB album. Current single Disco 666, Life in Pink, Thekindamuzikyoulike, Click Click, Super-fire, and the brilliant Cash Machine. This was interspersed with stuff from Venus Luxure No 1 Baby and Cruise Yourself. The band was livelier on stage than I remembered with the exception of Johnny Temple on bass, but he's excused as he plays some glorious bass lines, so that's ok. However, the inbetween song banter consists mainly over, Thankyou in that inimitable drawl.

Kill the Sexplayer ends the set, and they encore with 3 songs including Crash 17 (X- rated car). The only real disappointment of the night was the non appearance of Wilmington, which is one of my favourite songs of the year. But I guess you can't have everything.