Nottingham - Rock City

April 2

Probably not in the best frame of mind to enjoy this one having just driven back from Wales from a funeral, but when you're feeling down, best to go out and enjoy something. Or so they tell me, And so it was that I was here, and so were Irish youngsters Consume. Saw them last year supporting Downset, and the impression then was that there was enthusiasm, but still someway to go. Pretty much the same impression tonight. The singer, who I'm sure does have a name, is very thankful of the crowd and the bands etc, maybe too much so, but he's young ans enthusiastic which counts. The songs don't stay in my mind. Hardcore, maybe standard fare at the moment, but you have to give bands time, and this type of music, as much as I enjoy it, can be accused of sounding the same at times

Which of course applies equally well to My Own Victim who were next up. But here there seems to be a difference between them from over there (Americans) and this side of the pond. MOV were much more in the face. and the singer seems to have much more power in his delivery. Of course the standard hardcore traits are there, song of unity, anti racism etc. Have to learn to live with each other. Which is fine, but you have to learn to live with yourself first. And also, you have to avoid the old school mentality as I see it, where to appreciate this sort of music, you have too look the part and have been there from the start. Which of course is crap. The fact that people are there that look as though they listen to other music, like me the metaller, should be encouraged, not given the, 'you can't understand hardcore cos you're a metaller or ex-metaller or alternative or grunge person'. And that's something that both MOV and Biohazard try to encourage. I mean, face it, pretty much all hardcore and punk and grunge has elements of metal in it. Listen to the thickness and crunch of the guitars. That's the metal. Old school punk and hardcore, was to me, best summed up by Dead Kennedys. Listen to the guitar on that, and listen to the guitar on new punks and HC bands, and tell me the new stuff is closer to DK than metal. It's not. More evidence is in the singer's Life of Agony shirt, and one of the guitarists Black Sabbath shirt. There's metal in it, or at least heavy shit. Why am I saying all this, because sometimes HC is too old school, and in that way, defeats what it says it tries not to do. Us against the system, but only if you look hardcore. Bollocks. Still, as I waffled, MOV fight against this, and should be applauded. As they should for stopping everything when one girl appeared to be fainting. Pretty good stuff. Their albums may well be worth checking out.

And as I indicated, to me, Biohazard carry on this embracing of non typical hardcore people. They have always had metal traits, and they are still there. Shades of Gray opens up as ever, and although the place isn't packed, pretty much most people seem to be getting off on it. They may have lost Bobby Hambel, and with it, they have lost some of the mouth, especially the Brooklyn stance, but they are still as in your face as they ever were, although new guitarist Rob tends to concentrate on what he's doing rather than saying. That's how it Is, Love is Denied and a few more from State ... are given an airing. So I would guess is stuff from the new one, but I don't have it, so can't say. To me, Billy is still the star of the band and carried on so tonight. At least there was no problem with the stage divers tonight either, a fact acknowledge by Evan when he also mentioned the filming and recording of live video and album that is taking place on the current European Tour. I really can't remember too much about it all. Like I said, mind in a different place entirely. Pretty much as you expect from Biohazard, and sometimes, that's just enough.