The Rig, Nottingham, some date I still can't remember!

Well, Paul, Kev or Neal should probably be doing this review as they've seen the band a few times. For me, it was just the second time, but a good point was that I actually recognised most of the songs from the other time I'd heard them. In other words this band has songs, songs you can hum, sing (if you know the words), go bleurgh to, and probably do lots of other things to as well.

Honeycrack are a five piece band with 3 guitarists. You'd think it'd be a mess, but surprisingly it's not, the guitars gell well, and nothing seems to override anything else. With 4 guitar wielding people (bass player as well), there's not a lot of room on a small stage for movement, so it's heads down, play the songs and see you at the finish.

A lot has been made of CJ and Wilie being in The Wildhearts, and yeah, there are influences, but the Beatles influence comes through more, the songs are lighter in terms of content, not too much the world is after me and gonna kill me stuff) and the Reggae bit they do is better than the one the Wildhearts did.

Songs, what did they play, there's King of Misery, 5 Minutes, Sitting at Home, and others whose names I don't know.

Overall Dave rating: Good enough for more people to turn up to next time. Afterall, you want to be able to honestly say that "I was there before they got big", don't you?

They have a homepage dedicated to them, so in the interests of prmoting British music, I will give you possible access to it by going ping on this here word.

Ok, I know this is a cack review, but hey it's my first go at one, so give me a bit of leeway here, what did you expect, litery genius? Any offers of help?