Jellys / Novocaine / The Os

Derby - Victoria

November 2 1997

Character building. Isn't that the phrase people tend to use when an expected outcome isn't the reality. Things don't go as planned or hoped, so it's character building. If attendance and general apathy is anything to go by then, this was character building.

By the time The O's are concluding their set, the audience has probably risen to about 20, though most of them seem to include the other bands and band friends. Still, that doesn't matter, it's the music that counts. And for that, I don't really know what to say. They were, I guess, outside of my normal listening habits, and I don't really have any accurate reference points. It was interesting, and the initial feeling that I had was quirky. Don't think I'm likely to buy anything by them, but it was interesting enough, though it did tend to wear off towards the end, but that can be levelled at pretty much any band that you don't know anything by.

I don't know if there was a switch around or what, because the posters seemed to have Novocaine as the headline act. Whatever, they went on next, and the first song was a shambles, which may not have been entirely the bands fault, as the monitors weren't working, and basically the sound was shite. The sound improved, but really, the band looked as if they didn't want to be there. No real passion, though the singer did at least try, but you could almost see the frustration and anger waiting to spill out. I don't know what to say in response to the silence, and you're so kind. You're patronising us, which is nice,in response to the lukewarm reception they received. They cut the set short I think. Really their music does deserve more than this. I've got the mini album, and it's not bad. Wrong night, wrong tour? Or was that the Motorhead thing they did the other week.

And so to CJ's latest effort. There's inevitably going to be comparisons with what he did in the Wildhearts (especially given that Stidi is on drums), and in Honeycrack, but although you're mind is drawn towards both those bands during the gig, it has to be realised, that according to the EP, CJ wrote all the songs on his tod, something he never did in both those other bands. So maybe they are a truer reflection of him. They sound pure pop punk. Once again, towards the end of this set, things started sounding a bit samey, but I would once more say that's likely due to the lack of familiarity with the material. It's bouncy enough, with some bizarre titles, and if the titles are anything to go by, bizarre stories behind them. Despite the relative lack of enthusiasm, (they get the best reception of the night, but that's not really saying a great deal), the band deal with it well. At least until Stidi almost looses it, and demands lights, light, house fucking lights, and asks if anyone has drugs, cos if not, then we should get some. Quote of the night was from CJ, just before playing the song idiots. There's idiots everywhere, there's idiots in my hair, that's why I cut the fucking stuff off.

Character building as the saying goes. Though with the individual pedigrees of the members of The Jellys, no character building should be in order.