Rock City, 24th November

Joyrider - The Sequel.

Well, this may be a bit later than I originally intended in getting the review done, but there you go. Talking of being late, this very same problem caused me to miss the majority of support band Flyscreen's et. Hailing as they do from my neck of the woods in Newport, South Wales, I was a tad pissed about this, but, tough I guess. Anyway, the bit that I'd did catch was as good as ever, with a couple of new songs sounding alright. All that's gotta happen know is that people actually start going to the gigs! And good to see that when someone says that they're Welsh, that the first thing to come from the mouths of the English people invariably has something to do with sheep. As Flyscreen put it, 'never heard that before'. Bitch mode off.

Talking of people turning up to gigs, or not as the case may be, it's really gratifying to see soooo many people took the time out of their lives to turn up to see Joyrider. Wouldn't have anything to do with the fact that the majority of 'music fans' seem to be completely apathetic when it comes to checking out anything new that hasn't been force fed them on MTV, or in the hype market, otherwise known as the popular music press. So it was, that Joyrider took to the stage to around about 20 people, but I may be being generous there. An even more pathetic turnout than the last time they played here a couple of months back.

Despite this, they delivered a (bible black)belter of a set. None of you who read this will get that little pun, unless you've got the album. Anyway, it was brisk and brezzy, starting off with 'You sure your alright', followed quickly by Fabulae, (possibly the best single of last year), That Tired, Bible Black Belt, Another Skunk Song. In fact most of the debut album, which if you haven't bought already you should, cos it's a classic. Forget all this Green Day shite, check out Joyrider. A newbie, whose name I have conveniently forgotten, was also played, enough to say that it sounds as good as the rest of the stuff. The cover version tonight was Rush Hour, before, after way too short the band reached the final song, Animal, Mineral, Vegetable. Actually, by this time a few more people had decided to come downstairs to check out what was happening, and had the nerve to be disappointed when told that this would be the final song. Nice comeback from Phil the singer of, 'what do you know, we've been on for 1 1/2 hours already'. Class. If you can't be arsed to check out bands, don't complain when they don't do everything you want.

Overall Dave Verdict:

Well, once again, Joyrider delivered a short but sweet set. Haven't seen them do a bad one yet. But as you might have guessed I'm a bit pissed with the turnout that was there. Maybe someday soon, people will actually realise what a class band they are, and what a good bunch of bands are out there waiting to be watched, and get off your lazy asses and to something. Until then I guess we'll just have to put up with people complaining about the lack of gigs there are. Well, lack of gigs being spoonfed to you that is. Well, that's it, maybe I forgot to take the bitch mode off, so I'd better do it now. And for anyone that does actually bother to read this, and is in any way offended by my comments, then check the disclaimer on my home page! Goodnight.