Rock City, 24th November

Warning: this is a really cack review, not worth you spending your time reading it really. Sorry, the creative juices aren't flowing at the moment

There was a third band playing at this gig, but as I got in late and only caught the last song, then I've no idea who they were, or if they were any good. All I can is say, is that they were a 3 piece.

And so to Understand. Are they your typical hardcore band, well, probably not, hailing as they do from Southend and not Brooklyn or other such American cities. Also, they seem to have a little more variation in what they do than most hardcore bands, (and that isn't a criticsism of hardcore which I tend to like). As yet I haven't heard the debut album so song titles, nope sorry.

And so to Joyrider. Hailing from Ireland, this 4 piece were originally signed to Andy Cairns Blunt record label. They've now signed a deal with Paradox, and have so far released 4 EP's, which are worth getting hold of. The debut album is released in February, and, I assume, this material formed the majority of their short set. They opened with a track which I guess has the title of "I hate you", and followed this with their latest , highly successful ("In at number 104 with a bullet")single.

A track that I am familiar with, but have momentarily forgotten the name of :-)) followed, and by this time, the reasonably sized crowd seem to be enjoying things. More tracks from the debut album followed, before the most recognisable song of the evening, "It moved". The crowd seem to recognise this one as well, although it was changed from the studio version to include one line from Madonna's Like a Prayer, so they didn't do the entire cover this time.

More tracks from the debut album finish the show, given 6 months and I'm sure it'll have been a damned good gig, when I've had a chance to listen to the album, but for now, it was disappointing that they didn't play "Seven sisters" or "Self infliction".

So those of you who don't know who they are or what they sound like will be thinking "who are they and what do they sound like". Well, the bass player has gone for a bright red hair look at the moment, (Green Day anyone), and something called 'pogoing' could quite possibly be done whilst they play their music. Whatever, you get the picture, and now, you should help that slowing bullet by going and getting a copy of their EP's.

Overall Dave rating: A short sharp bouncy performance all round. Will be better when the new material becomes familiar. Could do with more people bouncing around though... Bekki did say I could say she liked them, so 'she liked them', so there :-P.