Leeds Cockpit

March 1

Well, a late decision that all roads lead north meant that I managed to miss (sic), Ricky Warwicks post Almighty band. c'est la vie.

Kerbdog are a band though that deserve some attention and respect, mainly because they play some decent music, partly because they are funny, get to that later, and partly because, unlike most other bands around these days, they are paying their dues. Not many others go out on near 60 dates tours of the UK toilets. And this is their second lengthy UK tour in six months, and the new album's still not been released yet. All credit to them for it, and not just sitting on their asses waiting for a wave of hype.

Because of the immaculate decision of the record company not to release the new album until the tour is pretty much over, yeah, nice idea record company people, most of the set they play is new material. And given that it goes down pretty well with the crowd, makes you think how much better it would've been if people had actually had the chance to hear the stuff prior to the gig. Still, it's a pretty good reflection that a band can play for an hour, with only 2 old songs in it, and still retain the attention.

Taking the stage with the first bit of wit of the night form Mr Battle, (aside from the name, Cormac Battle, puhlease, poor git,) about how nice a change it is to see women at the front, the band launch into their stuff. It still does have a grunge ring about it at times, but there's also that extra power there that they always seemed to have. And this time round, it sounds like they've got some better songs as well, which for the main part, was the failing of the first album. End of Green, which is served up as the second song, was ofcourse, one of the successes of the first album, and it's arrival tonight sparks the arrival of the first of a long line of stagedivers. Tragically however, the second stagediver lost all hope of cred in wearing his sunglasses on stage in order to look cool. Sorry, but as it was so eloquantly put later on in the set by Mr Battle, 'if i stage dive now, i will look a twat'. That was another of his little gems, changing the lyrics on the spot. Along with a 'wow, that was so good, I've never seen that before' for another stagediver, and at the end a 'dance, don't dive', for yet another. as you can tell, stagediving was in abundance tonight, or more a procession to get up onto the bass players side of the stage, and dive from the speakers. One by one they took their mark in their practice for the Olympic diving competition.

A few more quips about their million selling debut album (it's called irony for those that don't understand), and how handsome the band are (see previous remark) and the unveiling of new single Mexican Wave as their next big hit single. Actually, given the right airplay it could well be, as it sounds a pretty top tune. Loads more of the new album is played and all sounds pretty good. A little bit of attempted match making for the soundman who 'got blown out the night before, but he's a lovely lad'.The band do return for an encore, and Sally finishes things off.

All in all, a good evening. Certainly a good decision to travel up. If you get the chance to see them in your nearest toilet on this tour, then do so. They deserve your attention, and are one of the few bands around who seem to genuinely enjoy themselves and have fun, and be done it because they want to not because it's a career and a means to make money. Good fun. Go see.