Leeds Duchess of York

Sept ?

NY Loose were the first band, at least the first band that I saw. Not bad, kinda punky sleaze sort of stuff I guess. Plenty of plugging for their debut album, Year of the Rat, which might well be worth checking out. Spit and ... Suicide were the obvious standout tracks on first listen, but there could be potential there. And yeah, there'll be guys drooling about the singer.

Starting up with the warning that you may get puked over due to a case of food poisoning may not be the wisest move in enticing the crowd to come down to the front, but that's what Cormac Battle, what a classic name, does. And there's plenty of other little one liners thrown in by the Battle and partner in guitar instrument crime, Mr Bass player, including an offer for volunteers to beat up said Mr Battle after he messes up a song.

The band have of course shrunk in size to a 3 piece since their debut album and tour with The Wildhearts, but that hasn't diminshed the sound at all, and the new stuff played, which was the majority of the set, sounds impressive. Maybe this time round things'll go better, and doing a lengthy tour such as this one can only help. End of Green still has a wickedly good riff, despite people complaining that it sounded like Pearl Jam meets Metallica, at least it was old school Metallica, and the sound is still there.

All in all, a pretty enjoyable evening, check them in your local pub.