Paradise Lost/Almighty/Pitch Shifter/Skyscraper.

Rock City - 29/3/96

4 bands - British as well, oooooh, only 7 quid, good stuff. Still pissed off with Rock City though for putting the prices of drinks up whenever bands play there. Anyway, on with the thing.


Were first up. Starting with, I think, 'Sorry for what I am' this was the first time that I'd seen the band live, in spite of having heard some pretty good things about them, so I won't remember or get many of the songs right. What I do know is that they played a track called Union Jackoff, and that basically, they were GOOD. Better than I thought they'd be, so much so, that I detect a new CD to be added to the collection when I find it. All in all, a good start to the evening.

Pitch Shifter.

And on the evening carried with the local band, in full, we haven't had a sound check so this could suck mode. Well they may not have had a sound check, but it didn't suck to these ears. There again, it was the first time I'd seen this lot live as well - won't be the last. You know, the one BAD thing to come out of this evening is that it's going to cost me a few quid buying some more CD's.


Hitting the stage with 'ha ha, surprise' was Almighty. Surprise cos they were the 'unannounced' special guests. No messing around, straight into Wrench off ot the Crank album. In fact, that and the new 'Just Add Life' album were the heavy features in tonights short set. Crank + Deceit, United States of Apathy, All Sussed Out, Addiction were all belted out in fine fettle. Also a couple of tracks off the new album, which as I don't have yet, I don't know the names of :), but they sounded good enough, even when Floyd did lead vocals on one track. Just before the new single, Ricky Warwick made a little announcement, which if you're a fan of the band you might want to take a look at here. The new single was followed by Jonestown Mind, and er, that's your lot bob. Which just left time for ...

Paradise Lost.

Well, this is the third time I've seen them on the current tour. And I think, but don't quote me on this cos I could get sued, but I think Nick Holmes might have been in a good mood, or at least not in a foul mood, although he did follow up the introduction of 'I see you face' with 'and its fucking ugly'. A nice touch I thought. It's always nice to know that these people care :)

Anyway, anyone who's seen the band on the tour will know what to expect. Enchantment opens things up in it grandoise manner, and it's a run through of the Promised Land and Icon albums, with a few oldies thrown in for good measure. Shadowkings still sounds like one of the best things they've done to me, Aaron Aedy still windmill's his head like it's gonna generate enough energy to power the country, and I actually heard something come out of his guitar this time, and no, it wasn't a tortured hamster or anything like that. Nick Holmes still doesn't move around too much, but his voice at least sounds as if it's putting up with the strain of touring, and Gregor still holds things together musically, even if his hair is getting shorter all the time. It's down, or that may be up, to a bob now.

Maybe cos tonight is like, an extended number of bands type thingy, or maybe they just can't be arsed with it anymore, but there is no buggering off for a few minutes before the encore, just, like 'this is the encore' and bang, on into the music. As usual The Last Time ends things and it's like, time for the old lugholes to start recovering.

Overall Dave Verdict:

Cos, you know it's what you want. Anyway, great stuff, just wish this sort of thing would be done more often, maybe full tours. You know, four bands, each with their own style but able to hold your attention all evening, and for a reasonable price. Get your tickets now if you want to see the Almighty again.