Machine Head / Entombed / Misery Loves Co

Leeds T&C

December 11 1997

Well, thanks to the efficiency of getting people into the T&C (1 single door, 1 person at a time, neat trick there, you must teach me sometime), I managed to miss Misery in their entirety. Still, does that matter, as at least now I have the satisfaction of having been searched, asked what that was in my jacket, to which I reply, earplugs (well, got the old tinnitus y'know, so have to take precautions). Open them. Open a pack of bloody ear plugs. What do you think is in there, fucking missiles. Or maybe a few grams of something I shouldn't have. I mean, sheesh. That one takes the award for ... well, I'll think of something.

But I did catch Entombed for I think the 5th time this year. And it was Entombed by the book. They don't actually seem to put on a duff show at all. All the faves, including a healthy (is that the right term for what some call a "death" metal band!) selection from the latest album. Lights Out, Demon (from Wolverine Blues), Like This With the Devil, etc etc. The loss of Nicke Andersson didn't make much difference to these years, and once more, Entombed can consider this gig another triumph

Now, The More Things Change hadn't gelled with me when I saw Mchine Head earlier this year, and to be honest, it still hasn't. I can't put my finger on it, but it's just not doing it for me. Still, live they are a pretty fearsome beast, and tonight was no exception. A balanced offering between the 2 albums, they open up with Take These Scars rather than Davidian. Thousand Lies is still an absolute highlight, and Flynn seems to be enjoying himself, as are the masses in the T&C. Ten Ton Hammer, Blood For Blood, Struck A Nerve, it's all good powerful stuff in the live setting.

This time the band are also bolstered by a more sizeable and effective lighting rig, and are putting on more of a show almost, but with none of the excess baggage. Old and Davidian not surprisingly earn the biggest ovation and pits, although the best sight of the night, was Flynn handing over his guitar to the Leeds native roadie for Entombed to run through the Cro-Mags Hard Times. And actually Flynn, some of us do own the Age of Quarrel album.

Overall a good gig. I'm sure people who get the second album will have loved it, like I said, me, ack, maybe I'm just too picky an old bastard. Promises of not leaving it 3 years before they return to Leeds will be held on to by many of the people there.