Wolves Civic Hall

September 30 1997

You know, sometimes I think I should get my head seen to. I saw Megadeth only the other month, and really, wasn't overly impressed. But still I went again. And still I wasn't overly impressed.

Anyway, the first band were Kill II ? Didn't get the last name. Standard power metal it sounded like. Didn't really do much for me.

And so Megadeth. Well, it was pretty much the same as the last gig I saw them do. Except this time they did Wake Up Dead as the second song. I don't recall them doing that last time, and it was a welcome addition.

Megadeth are a band that have always had selected appeal for me. The good can be great, the bad, dire. And Mustaine may be an icon to some, or charismatic, or volatile, but to me, it just comes across as boring. He's quite technical, so are the rest of the band, and that tends to loose the energy. Some songs have cracking riffs, and you expect energy to be flying from the stage, but it's not. And I'm not a fan of his voice.

The new stuff, which I've only heard live, as I've not bought the album, doesn't really impress. May be unfair to judge like that, but tough. Old songs are good, but the presence just ain't there. And someone please shoot the next band that leaves my. guitarist or mr. drummer or mr. bassist there to do a solo. No matter how short, they are criminal. You're not allowed an opinion on that. It's fact :)

Pretty much everything was the same, except there was fancier lighting and a backdrop. And no rant about heavy metal this time. But no matter what anyone says, you will never convince me that Anarchy in the UK is a song that should be turned into a singalong. It misses the entire point. Vast numbers singing of anarchy you say, only through numbers will things change. Maybe, but it's not really anarchy, singing in a place that doesn't allow crowd surfing and stage diving, and then 5 minutes later, making the way into the night, to meet parents or get in your car and drive back home. Especially when the entire gig is over by 10.15 P.M. Anarchy indeed.