Rock City - July ?

So much for the support. Neither Godflesh or Kerbdog turned up. Godflesh apparently due to a dosage of badflesh, otherwise known as food posioning. No explanation for Kerbdog though.

And so it was that at 9pm, taking the stage with a courteous 'shut up, psalm69' that the rev Ministry started their thing. And a mixed bag it was. Slightly disappointing turn out, although given how hot it was, that was probably a good thing, cos it would have been too much if the place had been packed. But it seemed a mixed bag. Granted, I'm not too taken by Filth Pig, although the tracks did seem to be less boring live than on CD, but there was something missing. It's the first time I've seen the band, so I have nothing to compare them against, but the impression that I always got was of more than they gave. Maybe they were going through the motions, maybe it was due to it being the last night of the tour, a fact pointed out by the Jourg on a number of occasions.

The Jourg looked at times really like an old man, I dunno, there were a couple of jokes about drugs when the band went off for encores, otherwise known to them as 'drug break 1 and drug break 2'. But it was all just so so. The same speech as used the night before made it as well it would appear, when having said it was the best reaction they'd had in 6 months touring, yeah like right, the' so you like the fast ones, here's a slow one' was brought out. And is it really the first time he's ever introduced the band. Maybe they really did enjoy it. It was ok, but was it worth the 12quid given there was no support. I'm not too sure.