Bristol Fleece & Firkin

Nov 3

First on was UltraViolence, featuring Johnny Violent. Hmmm, apparently this is something like gabba techno dooby wapwap music. In other words, not the stuff I noramally listen to or know much about. But, well, it was loud, the loudest of the lot tonight. And ultimately, it is just as full of cliches as any of the rock music that's out there. In fact, if you put long hair on this and some guitars, it would probably be riduculed in terms of it's macho image. So we get songtitles like hardcore motherfucker, and a blokey whose sole purpose is to operate the power tools on metal producing sparks in time to the music. Lots of getsures, the could be a lot of similarities really with metal, but ultimately, the criticsism I would aim is the one people aim at any music they don't like, understand or appreciate. It all sounded the same and there were no songs. But the end bit was fun, going from 250bpm 'in your fucking face', through 500, 1000, 4800, 9600, 24000, 1 million (a drum beat) and 5million, a hi-hat. It was funny. Overall, ok I guess if this is your sort of thing.

Coming from a completely different perspective were the next band, from Scotland, Foil. Hardcore, Husker Du(ish) I guess. Pleasant enough, I bet that's what a band really wants to be described as, but they were enjoyable, and if I manage to spot one of their singles while I'm surveying the contents of the local decent record shops again, then it might find it's way into my posession. One to watch out for.

Moby. Well, need to start with the quote of the night, possibly the year, which came about half way through the set, just before 'Say it's all mine'. In response to one of a few people bemused by the fact the Moby was wielding a guitar and not some synth stuff, 'if you're looking for techno, you're in the wrong place'. Indeed, if you're expecting the, ehum *sophistication* of techno, then in his current guise, you've got no chance with Moby. This is rock, punk, speed metal, the label will change dependant upon what you consider to be trend or safe to be associated with at the moment. Played with skill, passion and committment, even if some people do think he may be taking the piss, which he may do. Still, you can't detract from the songs, and animal rights has them in abundance. Maybe that's the difference between Moby and the likes of UltraViolence. Anyway, opening up with the twin shot of Heavy Flow and You is a cracking start. 'A song I wrote while I was in Black Sabbath' means that we get the condensed, one minute version of Paranoid. It's difficult to pick out highlights in a set full of them. Bascially, there wasn't one duff moment, plenty of banter in between songs. Calls for the crowd to be 'little fonzies' when things started getting a bit touchy at the front, impressions of the Wurzels, well it was down in Bristol after all. Punked up and sped up Lynyrd Skynyrd, with Sweet Home Alabama, and all of the highlights off the Animal Rights CD.

Go was introduced and with a response to a heckle, obviously someone still after the techno stuff, with, 'I don't know what you said but I beleive it was please play that next song cos it's a classic and one of my favourites'. The banter was priceless as well see. Another thing some of the current more, sensitive rock bands could do well to listen to, it is possible to have fun on stage as well. The familiar story about a former lover in bed with their new lover and wanting to cut their heads off is aired, snippets of Black Flag and that one of the Nirvana unplugged thing, where did you sleep last night or somthing. Couple of questions about the signs in the pub, and any other places that are open after the gig. It was cracking. Basically, if you didn't get to see him on this tour, then you quite possibly missed the gig of the year. It was that good. And what a star studded band, featunring if you will Lenny Kravitz on guitar, and Henry Rollins on Drums. Yeah, sense of humour, almost forgotten what one of those things was.

That's When I Reach For My Revolver, Face It, Purple Haze, When I'm Cold I Want to Die. The country and western song, forgot the title, which proves that you can do that style and get away with it, take note Metallica, you could play your C'n'W tune. Sadly the cries for Ace of Spades as an encore go unanswered, shame given that one of the t-shirts on sale was Mobyhead in the Motorhead design. Classy. And to top it all, you get a free, 4 track CD recorded live at the Splash Club in London the other month. All in all, one of the best gigs of the year easily, possibly the best one. And what if he is taking the piss, at least it was damn good fun, enjoyable stuff, and at the end of the day, isn't that what music is really all about.

Cheers to Nick for getting the ticket and letting me kip down again.