Nottingham Rock City

Friday, October 4

First things, wow, there was a crowd, a crowd I tell you.

Ok, anyway, first were the slingbacks, who I recognised as having supported same band at same venue just under a year ago. Ok, but nothing great.

Joyrider, again. Well I guess that at least some people are begining to pick up on this band. As Phil said, 'wow a crowd, and it's about fucking time being the fifth or sixth time we've played here'. Still not heaving, but it's a start. And talking of start, Fabulae does the business, followed by a swift dose of 'Sure your alright'. Testing the patience with a newbie, there were a few during the set, but it doesn't really test the patience, cos it sounds good and fits in with the others. I guess there is the criticism that may be aimed at the band at some stage, that a lot of the stuff can sound familiar and maybe too disposable. But anyway, if you've seen them at any stage this year, you'll know most of the set. Bible Black Belt (with the welcome return of the Madonna snippet), Said She, the cover of Rush Hour, introduced as the one you're grans and sisters should've come down for.

The band seem to play off the fact that they have a crowd now a bit more, and get into it, which I guess is only fair, and wasisname on bass speaks up a bit more, and yeah, they should've done paranoid like he suggested. A longer set than I've seen them do before, with a coupple of b-sides thrown in and some new ones, including latest single sees actual kind of pogoing motions in the crowd. It Moved and Animal Vegetable Mineral are still the crowd pleasers to end the set and then it's all over. Still short but sweet, but maybe that's how the best things are.