King Prawn

Nottingham Rock City

September 18

So what do you say about a band like this? Go and see them is probably the best thing. I've heard that they were good live, and the Babar the bassist has, er, presence on stage, but I wasn't really prepared for this. The band play a mixture of ska, punky hardcore with Jello Biafra like vocals (at times), which is all good enough, but live, well, they are something else.

They also manage to swap instruments a couple of times, and still sound good, especially on Alien Spawn. Restart is cool, as Poison in the Air. There were a few songs I didn't recognise, but it doesn't really matter, because you find yourself enjoying it all anyway.

The sound is their own, but should be checked out by a lot more people. And live, well, you just have to see them.