Nottingham Rock City


Can't remember the name of the first band, but they were a Scottish punk band who weren't really having the best of luck technically, what with the drumkit constantly being ill and wanting to die on them. I wasn't too convinced, I dunno, the singer seemed to nervous. Still think they should have had the Cowboy Killers, the best punk band in the UK, supporting.

Stubborn All Stars were next. How many were there on stage 7, 8. Didn't count them but there were lots of them. A nice ska(y) type of music, not really my sort of stuff to be able to comment on whether they were any good or not, but it passed the time pleasently enough.

So to Rancid. I'm not afraid to admit that I only have the 'Wolves' cd, and that I don't play to often, I know it got rave reviews, but t never totally clicked for me. Still, the chance to see a band in a live setting is always a good thing, so that's what I did. Well Maxwell Murder opens things and Tim is all over the stage while Lars holds everything down along with Matt. It was all good fun to see, and an enjoyable gig, but sometimes it makes you wonder how much Lars is carrying the band, in the same way that James carries the Manic Street Preachers. It just seems that sometimes Tim is there more for show than anything else, although he does play guitar and sing.

Anyway, it seemed like a fair enough set, and people seemed to be enjoying themselves, although I did expect for there to be more there than there was, maybe exams had something to do with it. I can't remember all the stuff they played, so I won't even bother trying to do a set list, most of it came from the Wolves album with one or two off the earlier stuff.

Overall, not bad, I enjoyed it anyway.