Rocket From the Crypt

Sheffield Leadmill

June 1

First off, the roads and the directions to this place are a nightmare. It's piss easy to find, but the signs don't tell you that.

Anyway, first band were so forgetable that I've forgotten who they were. They were crap in my opinion, didn't like em. Bzzzt. Next please

And next is Tanner from the States. A punkoid trio I guess, they were more memorable but, well not to the extent that I could remember any of their stuff or want to rush out and buy it, so it's going to have to be another bzzzt.

Rocket From The Crypt. Hmmm, different, punkish with like a sax and whatever, and a guy whose sole purpose on stage was to er, 'dance', and fix anything that went wrong, including the crowd (more later), in other words, a glorified roadie. But at least he got to wear the same outfit as the rest which is a good thing isn't it?!? Hmm.

Anyway, different, On a Rope starts things off, and then it's just like at times a bad 70s American ennnertainment thingy, which is probably one of the things that makes it as much fun as it was. I mean, I'm not totally convinced on the Scream album, but live it does come together more, and SPeedo is a larger than life character, either arrogant, or just with great self belief in the music that they are playing.

So it's an entertaining evening which gets better when one stage diver appears to receive a quick toecap to the nether regions, which judging by his reaction wasn't well received, to the point that he decided to try and outstare Speedo followed by an attempted left or two. Which of course Speedo responded to and it looked like war until our glorified roadie friend comes over and along with half of the rest of the band helps to er, calm down and remove from the stage Mr Stage Diver. Pretty funny really, especially the apology, 'ah, i'm sorry, that was so unprofessional, kicking a guy in the nuts. But I'm looking to do that, so if you wanna dive, you may get it') Cool.

Anyway, things settled down, we continued to be entertained, and then the thing was over and I managed to find my way out of the place a damn sight quicker than I found my way in. Like you really wanted to know that.