Nottingham Narrowboat

May 27

Well I didn't know much about them before I went, basically, I'd just read good things about them about a week before, so off I went, so if you want the honest review, then there'll be no song titles here. However, having seen them I have got the latest album, Building, and the last album Killed For Less, so that in itself tells you enough. They were good, I enjoyed them. I've read of them being tagged as emo-core (emotional hardcore). What complete bollocks. They're a band for fucks sake, do we have to come up with a tag for everything, it would seem so.

So, what's this emo-core mean, well to me it simply means they have more melody and range than your normal type of hardcore band (and I tend to like hardcore, so that wasn't a slagging of that sort of music). Not everything is shouted out in your face as some of the bands tend to do, and the songs and the playing seem to have more variation than a lot of this type of music. Get hold of one of the albums that I mentioned to see what I mean.

There's not a lot of movement really from anyone in the band, which might be understandable given the size of the stage, but at the end of the day it's the songs that count, and that's what they have. Well worth checking out if you get the chance to see them live.

A mention also to support band Understand, a hardcore band from Southend. This is the third or fourth time that I've seen them, (I really should get a copy of the album), and they seem to be improving each time. Dom is becoming a more confident singer and performer, even when he falls over on the stage (first stage dive of the night during the second song, yeah right, who you trying to kid :) ).

Anyway, well enjoyable and a good night out. Sometimes these bands that you don't know too much about deliver loads more than the ones that you do know about and have too much expectation for.