Skyscraper / Send No Flowers

Leeds Cockpit


Well, bored on a weekend again, and supremely pissed off, so I escaped everyone and everything by popping up to Leeds to see this mob. Feeder were the first band on, and still the most interesting thing about this band seems to be the bassists hair. I get the feeling the'll probably be loved quite a lot soon by a lot of people, at the moment they don't include me.

Next are the band that I came to see, Skyscraper. My first exposure to them really was a couple of months ago when they were first band on at the Paradise Lost gig in Nottingham. They were good there, and now having a copy of the Superstate CD and knowing the songs, they were even better. Time meant that they couldn't do too much, but as before, Sorry for who I am opened things up. Noticeably faster than the album version it draws looks from all the crowd. This elicits a cry of 'come closer ya cowards' from Vic, a cry for participation which was repeated a few times. The last single Petrified is thrown up and Choke. More have ventured forward by now, and the band seemed to be enjoying it.

Never Again also seems faster, and is one of the highlights of the set, as it is on the CD. Broken is a new one to me as it isn't on the CD, but it fits in well. Union Jack Off is dedicated to someone they obviously know, who's giving them some good natured agro, and Man Made Hell is introduced by saying how shit love is.

Requests have obviously been made by the few people down at the front, shown by the junping around and pointing to certain people which followed the announcement of the final song of the evening, Lovesick, and that was it. A few shakes of the hand for some people, 'look at this, Stadium rock' and it's get ready for the next band.

Send No Flowers, well I haven't seen them before or heard any of their stuff, so this won't be full of song titles. Hmmmm, well, they were OK, but that was it. Nothing grabbed me and made me want to go and get the album like Skyscraper did the first time I saw them, and it seemed like most of the crowd felt the same way. Skyscraper definitely held the most interest for the vast majority of this 'overwhelming' turnout (and yeah, that was meant to sound sarcastic). Reading stuff about them, they have been described a bit as post grunge, whatever the hell that means, me, I can't really think of a decent way to describe them, so I won't really bother.

The best thing was the little arguement that the singer had with someone in the crowd, who, despite being sat on his arse, decided inbetween songs to request 'more fucking vocals, give it more vocals you wanker'. So there was a little discussion during which it was explained that he was singing, as hard as he could, and it was up to the soundman to give 'more vocals'. A demo was even given of scream with and without mike. Anyway, full marks to the singer on that one for not telling him to fuck off, although it would have been kinda funny to see him get off the stage and belt him one.

Err, can't think of much more to say on it all really. Skyscraper should have been headlinging, and they should be headlining more places at the moment. Anyway, if you get the chance, go see for yourself.