Soundgarden / Moby

Wolverhmapton Civic

Sept ?

Now I wasn't prepared for this you understand, so it was a bit of a shock. Nah, not having not heard Moby, but hear was a guy having fun, at Soundgarden, woah, steady there. But hey, it was fun, especially 'the song I wrote 15 years ago when I was in Black Sabbath', otherwise a half length Paranoid, and there were more gems like that. Some classic between song banter, especially for the one about the song for an ex and who's she's sleeping with now. And getting someone up on stage for a smooch before another song. Classic, don't know the song titles, but as a result I've go the new album Animal Rights, and it's excellent. What a pleasant surprise, full marks to the Garden, (as we say ;) ) on choice of support act.

And so to those Seattle blokies. Ok, well, I'v e only seen them once before, many years ago in Bristol on the BadMotorFinger tour with COC supporting, and to be honest, I got bored. And to be honest, I did tonight. Me and Soundgarden have parted company in the regular listening stakes with the last 2 albums, and that may've been part of the problem, they, rightly I guess, concentrated on Superunknown and Down ..., with not enough for me from Bad..., or Louder Than Love or Ultramega. So what they did play was good, you can't really fault Outshined, Jesus ... and whatever, but there's just no energy there for me in the performance. Kim is laid back to the point of comatose, and Cornell just doesn't carry it enough, although he did seem as if he were trying to be looser and more relaxed, maybe it seemed forced to me. Whatever, the people I was with thought it was great, so maybe that's the better gauge, but if you're going looking for a high energy performance, 'fraid you ain't gonna find it.