Nottingham - Rock City

December 10

First thing to say is, God, I feel so old after this gig. People there were waaay to young looking.

And the next thing to say is thatsupport band Feeder probably are the next big thing, or at least one of them. Doesn't mean they've won me over yet. This is my third time this year seeing them, and it was probably the best of the lot, familiarity breeds contempt or something like that. It's getting easier to understand the appeal, and also to see the influences. Having said that, it still seems that some of the appeal lies with that bass player and his bloody hair.

Some *journalists* have said the songs are post grunge workouts, or something equally pretentious. Don't know what that all means, cos I'm no journo, but it sounds like grunge style stuff to me, not post grunge. Anyway, whatever it sounds like, if you like it, then what does it matter. Labels for the sake of trend and credibility are such a waste of time. The music is easy to listen to, and that's what counts. Having said all that, I've not mentioned a song title or the hook to one, and that's cos they didn't stand out enough to stick in my mind. Ho hum.

Terrorvision of course, already are the big thing. At least in this country, although not in this particular persons CD collection. And to an extent it's easy to see why. They have fun and clearly enjoy what they are doing, and that get's through to the crowd. Or is it the other way around.

Tonight, as expected, sees all the hits aired, although no Mr Wright, not everyone knows one of your hit singles, cos I didn't. But also, the band it would appear, delivered a bunch of rarely heard live B-sides. I say appear, cos I don't actually own a Terrorvision CD, so I have to take his word for it. Having said that, This Drinking Is Going to Kill Me is a title worthy of an album track, or even an album itself.

As I said, on the surface, it's easy to see the appeal, but underneath, there isn't always a great deal to things. The live show is carried by Tony Wright, the others don't really do much apart from provide the music, and yes that should be enough, but somehow, when you read such high praise for a band from journalists, you expect that little bit more than most actually deliver. And, we're from Bradford maybe the catchphrase, but it's a bit boring now.

Still, no one else seemed to have these problems with the band, as many people jumped up and down on the spot, singing merrily along. You know, sometimes you go to a gig, and it makes you feel old. And that I believe, is where we came in ...