New Bomb Turks

Leeds Duchess of York

Nov 6

First band, I think were called X-Ray. Whatever, uh, sorry, but I didn't like them at all. Crap. No songs to stick in my mind. All that I really remember is that there are 3 girls on guitars and bass, who all singing in really irritating, spoilt schoolgirl type voices at times, and try to provoke an audience that simply wasn't interested. Very boring.

New Bomb Turks. A surprisingly full venue for the return of the American punks, given the Skunk Anansie, current media darlings, were playing just up the road at the T&C. In fact, the place was the fullest I have seen in a long time. Anyway, after being thanked for suckered into coming to see the band again, they start. Can't tell you any of the songs they played, as I am not in possession of any of their CD's or anything. But I can say that there was a lot of energy coming from the stage, and a little bit of panic methinks given that 3rd song in they bust the bass drum. This led to a bit of head scratching, some impatience in the audience, and the prize possession announcement that we were witnessing 'American ingenuity as we speak'. Er, yeah.

But they carried on regardless, and put on a fine display. The few requests that they made for cider for the drummer for his hard work were probably warranted, and maybe they best thing that can be said is that even if the bass drum was screwed, it didn't detract at all. So, plenty of stagediving, and strange faces from singer blokey. He looks like some American from some TV show, but I can't think who, oh and a cover of Teenage Kicks.

All in all, went down very nicely thankyou. Good gig, would probably have been much better if I knew any of their stuff, maybe thats a cue for me to get one of the CD's. Check them out if you get the chance.