YAZ : The Opinions Of Others

Otherwise known as self indulgent ego time. I don't mean this to be patting myself on the back. It's more a case that if you're a label or after a review, and want to know if I'm reliable or whatever, well, maybe these will give you an idea better than me going "yeah, course I am."

This is how the printed YAZ 4 was reviewed in Metal Hammer.

Only missing out on FOTM (Fanzine of the Month) by a whisker due to the overly rigid layout (let yerself go fella!), but credit where it's due: Yaz has reached the ripe old age of four and, for a one man operation, that takes a lot of work. First with new bands like System of a Down, Juice and Absolute Bloom, plus a healthy fix of 'Shifter, HWP, Gorilla and loooads more. Top work!

Hey hey, according to the newest review of YAZ 6 in Metal Hammer, YAZ is the shit. Or is that just shit? Hmmm. Anyway, here's what they said ....

Now here's a nice little read, and best of all, it's free! Fifty-two pages of reasonable pieces on such underground luminaries as King Prawn, Medulla Nocte, System of a Down and Zebrahead plus the usual ragbag of reviews (although points docked for not recognising the godlike genius of the Dance Hall Crashers). Something to pass the time on the bog perhaps!.

Well, the very, very latest issue of Metal Hammer has a review of issue 7.

Fanzine of the Month

OK, so this is a) a few months old and b) quite possibly the second time we've reviewed this issue (honestly, all manner of crazy shit happens round here; it's hard to keep up sometimes), but I couldn't give a toss as Yaz is essentially a very good 'zine and they practically give it away, Containing all manner of reviews, interviews and admirably opinionated pieces, mainman Dave has an assured style that should see him go places someday (once a measure of quality control comes into the equation). Get off your arse and order a copy now.

And now, issue 8 has also been reviewed. Only about 5 months after it was released. Topicality is never an issue for magazines!

What's this? A free 'zine. You can't beat such value for (no) money. The work of a bloke called Dave, the attitude is sharp, covering bands like Earthtone9, Iron Monkey and The Haunted. Some of the stuff is out of date (Tura Satana have split up since they were interviewed), but topicality is never an issue for 'zines.

And apparently, YAZ has been voted a winner at some competition at Smother zine. So guess I should say cheers to anyone who voted on that.

Undergroove #11 reckoned

YAZ: Must tell about Yet Another Fanzine - one of the most opinionated and supportive fanzines which is currently doing the rounds. Along with featuring some of the bigger rock names, YAZ actually takes out a lot of time to promote Blighty's very own talent too - giving some great bands plenty of coverage. Dave Yaz is also putting out a whopping 15 track (I think) CD featuring top bands such as Shallow, Milque, Dog Toffee, Monkey Boy, Snub, Earthtone9 and tonnes more.

YAZ #9 was on the recommended reading for FireFight #3, and also had some words that I've not got to hand written in Organ 62.

YAZ 10 was reviewed in Rhythm'n'Booze.

rhythm & booze

issue 7

fanzine review - yaz issue 10

i picked up this fanzine at the et9 and unfounded gig at the smokestack in worcester as i like to know what other zines are up to and if they have any ideas that we can steal (just joking).

this fanzine is written, put together and funded by just one bloke and he really lets us know about it. he comes across as arrogant and must have a huge ego, as he doesn't want any help.

having said that, the interviews and reviews are of a very high standard, this issue features interviews with system of a down (who the writer worships), sepultura, fear factory and spineshank.

looking at that list you can tell that the yaz favour new metal to any other type of music, which is fair enough as everyone has their preferences, but the fanzine could do with more variety.

another problem with this fanzine are the pictures, which you cannot make out they're either too dark or too faded and have not been reproduced in the fanzine very well at all.

the major selling point of this issue is an excellent cd that includes the likes of sack trick, earthtone9, snub and milque amongst others, its worth buying the fanzine just for the cd. usually the fanzine is free and the cost of issue 10 was to pay for the cd.

so a decent enough fanzine, but they have a few problems to iron out, and the writer/compiler needs to add some humour into the fanzine and get from up himself.

From Electric Organ #6 we have:

Y.A.Z No.10 Pretty much a modern metal thing, interviews with bands like System Of A Down (over hyped yawnsome stuff, hey, I hear you cry, the YAZ crew were in to them wel lbefore the hype started), Sepultura, Fear Factory, Spinshank - bits of bands like One Minute Silence, Cynical Smile, Lysis, Hero, Slayer, Dia Lo, CIV, Grip Inc, Liberty 37 and a million trillion more - some of the reviews don't really inspire me - if the Yaz crew are going to tell me Pulkas went over their heads, that they can't understand Cay's progressive excesses and that the Fister track on Organ Radio 6 sounds like Suede (did you have the right CD in your player for god sake!!) and then tell me System On A Down are the business then I'm going to have a problem taking that much notice when they tell me some new band or other are the greatest things since sliced cabbage. Hey there's a lot of effort going in to this, a lot of energy, it's one of the better zines out there, - they clearly love their music, there's loads in it and this one comes with a CD featuring Sack Trick, Earthtone 9, Shallow, Milque, Dog Toffee, Noisegate, Blowholy, Monkey Boy, Snub 3rd Stone and more - didn't send us any price details though so I guess you should send an SAE and find out more - This is something that needs your support, help it grow, help it develop, we need more zines, we need more people sticking out CDs like the one you get here - Dave YAZ, Flat 1, 18 Zulla Road, Mapperley Park, Nottingham, NG3 5DB.