White Zombie

Leeds T & C

May 12th

Well, I got bored at home, so instead of just waiting for Zombie to come to Nottingham, I went to the Zombie. Maybe should've got a ticket first. Too the touts who tried to 'scare' me. Bollocks, you're wankers and I'll get tickets how I please (and if I see them I'd like to run them down in the car next time). Anyway, ticket in hand, in to the show.

Stabbing Westward are the support. An industrial (ish) band from Chicago. Haven't got any of their stuff, so don#t expect too much here from me. The synchronised headbanging from the guitarist and bassist was cool, in a funny sort of way. Judas Priest eat your heart out. Oh, and the leap into the crowd from the bass bod when the singer was struggling with what to say was pretty good as well. Shame they don't realise that people aren't really allowed to stage dive at the T&C. It would save asking why there were no people coming over the barriers. Oh yeah, and it was the guitarists birthday, so, it was mine the day before but I didn't go broadcasting ;) Haven't mentioned the music yet have I, well, probably cos it was there, they came, they saw, they played, I didn't get carried away. Sorry.

So to White Zombie, on their first, and if you'll believe the rumours, probably their last UK tour. Any good,well, good yeah, but left me a bit disappointed. Rob Zombie was running around quite a bit, but where at times he seemed to be enjoying it, at other times he just seemed to be there. Scurrilous people might believe the rumours of a split. Having said that, Rob did take the time to try and trash the Kerrang! story of a split saying that 'White Zombie are not going to split up'.

Most of Astro Creep was played, as for the others, well unlike a lot of other people, I won't lie and say that I'm a die hard Zombie fan, so I haven't got the other albums so I don't know the other tracks they played. Thunderkiss '65 was there, and a few more, but the set itself only lasted about 70 mins, another disappointment. Also, and call me picky here, no flash bombs nothing. We've read what n extravegant show they put on in the states, and I realise that they probably can't afford to bring everything, but if the Wildhearts can do the bombs and stuff, then I thought Zombie would've done some, but nope.

Anyway, Electric Head, More Human, I Zombie, you know them all, and they were good. It wasn't a bad show by any means, I probably just had higher expectations. I was also a bit disappointed by the miming that went on during a couple of the songs. There were loads of samples and that's fine, it's a shame though when obvious miming goes on. Maybe I'm being over critical, maybe it was a bad night for the band, I'll reasses my view after Wednesday when I see them in Nottingham. Oh yeah, and I wasn't impressed by their version of Sabbath's 'Children of the Grave'.

And one final thing, why is it that in Leeds, and I lived there myself for a year, that so many people want to throw emplty beer glasses. It happened a couple of weeks ago at the Wildhearts gig, and at all the gigs I saw there last year. Last night one hit J on the head. Whats the reason behind it. Show you're fucking hard. I wish someone would pick the wankers that do it, pop them on the stage and give them a good kicking there and then. And I'm not a violent man.

Well, that's it.