Contacting YAZ zine

If you want to have a link added, then please read this page first.

If you wish to e-mail me about the zine or whatever, then please send mail to Dave.

If you wish to order a copy of the zine, well:

  • Issues 1-9 are sold out. There are no more. Sorry.
  • Issue 10 costs 3 pounds plus an A5SAE. It comes with a 17track, 73 minute CD.
  • Issue 11 costs 1 pound plus an A5 SAE. Send to the address below.

    If you wish to have material reviewed, then you can send it to the address below. I can no longer make guarantees of when or even if material will be reviewed. To an extent, you makes your choice and takes your chance. A tip for the wise though, accompanying bio indicating that you are a unique blend of Korn, Tool, Deftones and VOD is unlikely to help your CD jump into the player. Because inevitably this means that you aren't actually unique and are in reality, probably pretty generic and boring.

    The address to send things to is:

    No longer valid!