Leeds - Duchess of York

May 6th 1996

Oops, bit of a mistake here, I was bored so decided to drive up to Leeds to see Joyrider, trouble was, I didn't realise they were the support band until the band after them came on. Anyway, the 'headliners' were called blameless, and weren't my bag of whatever I'm afraid. Sounding as if they wanted to be Pearl Jam or U2 or something inbetween, they just didn't do it for me. Although the crowd there seemed to like them.

Ah, crowd, that's when I should've realised that Joyrider weren't headlining, 'cos there was actually a crowd there. See they maybe one of the best bands in Britain, it's just that the rest of Britain doesn't actually know it yet. FIND OUT. GO GET THE CD. BUY BUY BUY.... sheesh, they should pay me.

Anyway to the music, well, 150 miles round trip was made worthwhile by the fact that they started with 'Said she to me', sadly lacking the last time I saw them in Nottingham. Classy, and a welcome return, you can't beat a rousing chorus of 'I hate you, I hate you, I haaaate YOU'. Best single of last year was next up of course, Fabulae, and yep, it was.

The set was pretty much the same as the one they've been playing for a while now, so there was 'Nobody Home' maybe should be changed to 'Nobody being bright enough to coe and see our gigs', although I guess that doesn't roll off the tongue quite so easily, 'You sure you're alright', the next single 'Another Skunk Song', oldie 'It moved', the Jane somebody or other cover song 'Rush Hour'. " new songs done tonight, still can't remember the names, although the first may have been 'Growing Pains' and was about 'the rude things you can make an action man do!'. The other one, was claimed to be so new that it was titled there and then on stage, but I didn't make out what the title was. Anyway, they were both good so that's all that really matters.

Bibleblackbelt is still class through and through, and I'm even begining to enjoy the final track that they play, the last single, 'Animal Mineral Vegetable'. And that was your lot laddie. Gone, vamoosh. No 'That tired' but you can't have it all. Just another little gem of a set from the band.

Anyway, that's it, they're on tour supporting Blameless for a while. Check the tour dates for more details.

Another Skunk Song is released 20 (27?) May.