The Moodswingers - 4/4/96

Wolverhampton Wulfrun

Ok, so due to the fact that this was advertised in Kerrang! and other 'notable' musical publications, it wasn't too secrect a gig, and was, of course, none other than W. D Hearts, (as it said on the ticket)

Anyway, there were apparently 3 bands on at this gig, but Birmingham and the motorways that criss-cross it being the British institution that we all now and love, coupled with me leaving too late again, meant that instead of watching the first band, I was getting pissed off on the motorway.

But I did manage to get there in time to see the second band, 3 Colours Red, who, unless I'm mistaken, feature the brother of someone from this Mood band thing. Anyway, second time that I've seen them, and apart from the last track, Going to Hollywood and the cover of Teenage Kicks, I didn't know any of the songs, as per usual :) So, at the moment they sound ok to me, but not too much more than that, maybe I need some time to listen to their stuff, or just a good kicking, you decide, but well, it was like, they came, they played and lets get on with the Moodswingers.

And so to the Moodswingers, a band that left me feeling pissed of, 'cos for about 3/4 hour to an hour all they did was play these covers of 'kin Wildhearts songs :) Shitsville started things off, that is once most people had stopped giving the band jip about the new haircuts, hmmmm, better not say too much considering mine, but .... This was followed by I wanna go ... and it seemed like a nice normal evening in store, until the third song and the admission of 'due to circumstances tonight, we don't know what the fuck we are doing, there's a girl in the third row that I recognise, you choose the next one' A yell of suckerpunch is followed by Ginger's acknowledgment of 'Richie ...' and a drum pattern that most people are familiar with.

From here in, things get kinda hazy, and I wasn't drinking, it's just that it was well ... I think Headfuck was next, before the mic found it's way into the crowd for the next choice. Unfortunately, I don't think the lead was still connected as nothing came out when people started shouting. So they chose 'one of our own' which just happened to be called 'Nita Nitro'.

And now it's really begining to fuzz over, partly cos I saw them again last night in Leeds, check the other review when it's done (very cheap plug :) ) and in Leeds they played a different set list, and I forgot to make a decent note of the order of the stuff. So here goes with the selected highlights, and remember, the order of events might have been changed to protect the innocent, or some crap like that.

Medication was requested for the singer of 3 Colours Red who it would appear had a bad tab, could this have been the leadup to new single Sick of Drugs, could've been, but anyway, it was played, and well, it sounds like we may get the chance to see them on Top of the Pops again.

Danny apparently isn't to good with planes, and having flown in from Newcastle earlier today, you can tell that they are going up in the world (ouch), and so is feeling a little sick, so Ginger, caring sharing man that he is, renames the next song and dedicates it to Danny, yep, 29X the Puke. Touching! As was the rewording of the 'I'm gonna miss Kurt Cobain' lyric from the original to, 'where you hiding Richy James'

What else, uh, well, the band are way more energetic than any of the other times I've seen them, a lot of which I think is down to Jef, and what else did they play. Look I'm trying to remember ok. Oh yeah, Caffeine Bomb was in there about this stage and I think Everlone came in close to the end of the main set, before finishing up with Ginger explaining that the last track was about his relationship and how he feels about the British Music press, and it's Love U Till I don't and uh, like that's your lot, or 'we'll see you in about 3 minutes'.

And so it's the territory which a few years ago was uncharted for the band, encore time, another indication maybe in the upturn in mood in the band over the last few months. Ginger it has to be said has been, I think, on fine form tonight, joking around, there again, as you tend to onlybe able to make out half of what's said through the accent I might be wrong - but I don't think so.

So, as it was put, 'I think it's been a good evening, we should do this more often' and then we're treated to 3 or 4 covers, of which at this stage the only one I can remember was Kick out the Jams. One of the roadies? then introduces the fact that the band are now going to do Weekend, to which Ginger decides, Fuck that, we'll do Geordie in Wonderland instead. Except the crowd decides to sing another new song for the band instead, titled, I think, "Fuck East/West", which seems to be Ginger's fav track of the evening. 'We should form a band' - indeed, and as pointed out, they now have new Radio Packs. Anyway, Geordie eventually makes it, even sung with a Brummie/Wolverhampton accent, or Welsh in this case, then T.V Tan follows. Now I can't remember, or didn't hear properly, but I think this one, or at least on of the covers was dedicated to Honeycrack. Anyone else that was there and can help me out on that bit, then let me know ...

Finally, we've reached the end, and Getting It rounds things up, before Ginger asks for the houselights to be turned up, and asks again, and again, and again. See, it's not just me that has trouble with the accent. Everyone is encouraged to join in with the 'Don't worry bout me, don't worry bout me ....'bit and its time to hit the car parks and find the car again.


Overall Dave Verdict.

Shit, seems like they keep getting better. Like everyone I could complain that 'why didn't they play, x, and y and z and the entire fucking alphabet'. So, hint, if the mic is thrown to you and you catch it, pick a song that they don't usually play. If they're true to their words, and there's no real reason to doubt it, then maybe they'll play one that we're all waiting for.