The Wildhearts / Cecil / CIV / Feeder

Leeds Town and Country - 7/4/96

The first night of the Radio 1 sound city thingy, and lets face it, probably the best night of the week to be there. Doesn't look too promising to start with, what with having the rock show presenter tell us to cheer when he introduces the band, but well, people have to make a living some way.

Anyway, cut the crap, it's the bands that you want to hear about. Or more specifically one band for most of you, but your just going to have to wait a bit, or at least jump to the bit you want. Well, first band ...

A trio, cos there was 3 of them up there, and thats about all that I know. Um, well, it was ok. It passed the time, and it wasn't offensive in any way, but that's all I can think to say really. I guess there was more of an indie feel to them in my opinion, but probably wrong again.


More like it. One question to the people who put the bill together. Why were Cecil billed above them, when, I would've thought, it's fairly obvious that more people have heard and are into CIV than Cecil. And why let the band play a venue where stage diving isn't really the done thing, allow the band to encourage it, and then when one person tries it, have the poor sod frog marched out of the venue. Ok, I know a lot of people really don't like stage-diving/crowd surfing, but for CIV it is part of the gig, without they look different. Its all part of the music and their particular scene. I wasn't far from the stage myself, but I didn't get involved in the mosh pits or any of that. The point is that, you can actually have all this going on, not get involved and still have a good viewpoint. Anyway, just my point of view.

The gig bit of it. Well, like I said, despite encouragement from the band to help out and join them on stage, nobody managed it, but it was still a good 1/2hour. Still haven't got round to buying the CD, so YET again, not too many song titles, and the ones I tried to remember may be wrong. But there was the single, One Minute More complete with, er, 'dance', shame there was no guest appearance from Sick of it All as there was when they did the tour with them last year. 'Don't gonna prove it', 'Set your goals', and 'a song about unity', 'a new song', etc. Noo Yawk, dontcha just love it. At least they don't go overboard Biohazard style. Oh yeah, 'Boring 'Fuckin' Summer', did that one get through to radio land. Encouragement for the 'Good old English Circle Pit, a lost art form' and ye olde style 'Moshing'. Shit made me feel old again. Anyways, a classy performance, even if it was in the wrong sort of venue, and with the wrong sort of 'security'


The cecil mob. They come from Liverpool, and er, that's it on this lot that I know. The bass player did wear a WELL DODGY outfit, uh, like really and truly dodgy. Anyway, the music, I think I've heard of them being compared with Faith No More ish(y) kind of stuff, and that maybe fiar comment On first listen it seemed OK and might be worth checking out in the near future. One of the better bits of the evening here was when someone tried to get up on stage, only to be carted off by da bouncer. 'Cept the singer decided he thought the guy should be allowed up, and so kept on to the bouncers until he made it to the stage. Shame the guy then spoiled it by just standing there headbanging until he had to be escorted from the stage. Kinda where stage invasions (cough, with 1 person) look embarrasing, when people just stay there. I can understand people getting pissed off then, get up, do your thing, get off. So much so, that the singer promptly left the stage for the crowd and didn't return until the guy was gone, by which time the song and the set was over. Uh, thats it folks.


So someone at the BBC had the bright idea of putting this bunch of herberts on live radio. HEHE. So I wondering how they are feeling this morning. Probably had a bad feeling when they arrived at the venue and saw the 'one night only' sweatshirt that the Wildhearts had done. 'The Wildhearts fucked my radio'. Indeed.

Just to give the radio bods a bit more heartfailure, opening track was Shitsville, damn, don't you think that the PERFECT opener here would've been Headfuck. Well, we live in hope. Anyway, like I say, Shitsville opens, follows up with I wanna go .. and it's me thinking its The Moodswingers all over again. But it weren't laddie, ooh no. This time we move in to the New Single, Sick Of Drugs. Only heard it twice so far, but I don't think Ginger has too much to worry about, his request to be 'pop stars like Pulp' might soon be fulfilled. Was it at this stage or just before that the, 'didn't you just know they'd do that' bit happened, and it was time for the 'We're not allowed to say the F word on radio 1, but you are, so go on ...' Mass shouts of F..., 'again', F'ing C ... ' 'you're all banned'. :) Wonder how that radio blokey is doing now.

So obviously Ginger was on his best behaviour, no swearing allowed, hmm, let the road crew sort that one out. Mass shout along of 'The F word' is quickly followed by the band spoting, that 'the road crew haven't put a fucking set-list, cheers guys, so we don't know what the fuck we're doing. Ah, there's a Cecil set list, we'll do one of theirs'. Did that bit get through on the radio? Anyway, a little consulation and it's Nita Nitro complete with new verse of 'uh uh er, i forgot the fucking words'.

It must have been around this time that some people wanted the band to do some covers, probably a Slayer song like "Raining Blood" cos the stage was like "Raining beer glasses" (Ouch, sorry, had to do that one :) ) This kinda pissed the man G off a bit, and he offered the culprits a backstage pass to the 'fucking kicking of a lifetime' Suprisingly, the hard bastards that throw these things didn't take up the offer. Now there's a surprise. Anyway, again showing the change that I think has taken place in the band, they shrugged it off and carried on with some more of those deadly things they deal in, yep, songs. Can't remember what came next, it could've been TV Tan or even the welcome return of Miles Away Girl. Whatever, use your imagaination cos they were both in there somewhere, and they both killed. But, someone still wanted the Slayer cover and the 'rainging glass' just missed the G man. Getting away with it, uh uh. Nope, cue the end of the song, and 'house lights please, I want you to point out the fucker who threw that glass ...' Cue lots of fingers in the air, but no ONE culprit, so after one of the crew has had a word with Ginger to cool him down a bit, tis on with the show again. That's where I think the Ginger of a year or two ago would've just walked off. Anyway, he didn't, but instead played Caffeine Bomb. Or it could've been in a different order, but it all happened. Trust me :)

Could it be about now that they treated us to the next single after the new single. No title, although HIT might be it ;). I think by this stage all you people in radio land were probably gone, listening to grovelling apologies for the language from scared BBC person.

How long should all these songs have taken, if it's about 45-50 minutes or so, then I guess that the next song that was 'Love U till I don't', cos they alwats finish with that, and it was that time, you know, finish time, so lets say that's where we're at at the moment.

So next up is encore time, and first of all it's time for the Yorkshire rendition of Geordie in Wonderland. Who knows, one day I'll maybe even get to hear the Geordie version of this song. Next, I think, was Everlone, before the drum intro thingie that is Suckerpunch. Last song tonight is precluded (is that the word) be a little, 'ay, it's been a good night, well we've enjoyed it' - but in a Geordie accent, and 'this is your last song, it's about staying with someone too long and discovering they're a cunt, but then all people are cunts anyway and relationships are fucked. Do yourself a favour and stay single' - exactly, er, duh duh duh duh, HEADFUCK. And goodnight Leeds, wherever you are. Sorry, got a bit too carried away there. But, um, like, thats it. Good night all round again.

Overall Dave Verdict.

This is getting silly. Surprisingly enough, it was another 'jolly good show old chap' but you didn't really expect anything less now did you. Shame about the morons, ie bouncers and twats that throw the beer glasses. Guess you should just buy the single and make Ginger the pop star that he sooo wants to be.

Tune in next week, for the Sheffield and Leciester updates/versions/ramblings.