Gig Reviews.


Honeycrack - The Rig, some date I can't remember.

Therapy? - Newport Centre, Wales (yeah!). Some Friday not long ago.

The Wildhearts - Rock City, The Monday after the Friday. (It's done now, but it's crap!)

Iron Maiden - Wolverhampton on a Saturday

Ozzy Osbourne/Fear Factory - Rock City, Sunday ?th November (Getting better with the dates :-) )

Joyrider/Understand - Rock City, Friday 24th November. (This weeks 'gig of the week in Kerrang! 5/12/95, see, we give you the news views and reviews first:) .)

Thunder - Rock City, Friday 1st December.

Voivod - Rock City, Saturday 2nd December.

Paradise Lost - Wolverhampton Dec 14th. (Review coming when i've written it.