System of a Down / Spineshank / Static X

Wolves Civic

May 17 1999

Well, this gig was in doubt until the last minute. Due to the metal chariot MURC having a disagreement with the radiator resulting in the radiator throwing a strop and refusing to hold any water, the chariot was at the garage until 6.50, with the gig possibly starting at 7.30 a mere 60 miles or so away. But lo, footage to the floorage eventually meant that I arrived, picked up my ticket, had to once more show that my ear-plugs were indeed ear-plugs and not some kind of deadly weapon, and still managed to get in only half way through the Static ones set. And that may not impress you, but it impressed the hell out of me.

Anyway, Static X I heard a couple of demo songs about a year ago, and the impression then was White Zombie styled industrial ish sort of rock thing. And, in the few songs I caught here, that impression was repeated. It sounded good in the quick fix style of things, and seemed to get a favourable impression, but it remains to be seen if this is a case of style over substance.

Spineshank. Ok, in Issue 10 of Yaz there's an interview. In there I admit that I'm not keen on the album. This is my third time seeing them now, through various support slots, and it still isn't working for me. Really not working. Admittedly they're up against it tonight in that guitarist Mike apparently can't get into the country until tomorrow or the next day, so Jonny is doubling up on guitar with a standin guitarist. It doesn't affect the sound, but it's just not working. I'll give my judgement after the Nottingham gig tomorrow.

System. Ah System. Utterly inspired. I'm going to see them in Nottingham tomorrow, and the real review will follow that show. But let's just say they ruled for the hour or so they were on. Everything was played from the album, including the absolutely glorious Spiders, newbie X, some other new stuff, Marmalade from the Strangelands soundtrack. I really have great things to say about them, like I said, after tomorrows gig. Come back and see. But they were a joy to watch, a new metal band that are actually relevent in the long run. You get the feeling this tour is testing the water, as it's only four dates in a restricted area, (Wolves, Nottingham and Manchester are in close proximity really, and of course London is London.) Hopefully the turn out (it was moved from the smaller Wulfrun Hall) and response is enough to indicate that they can do something more extensive here. Awesome.